North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 57-28

Rights of County When Lands Not Redeemed

Section Section Name
57-28-01 Notice of foreclosure of tax lien to be given
57-28-02 When tax lien is foreclosed
57-28-03 Contents of notice of tax lien
57-28-04 Service of notice of foreclosure of lien
57-28-05 Form of notice of foreclosure of tax lien service by certified mail
57-28-06 Service of notice by publication
57-28-07 Form of notice for publication
57-28-08 Effect of failure to satisfy tax lien
57-28-09 Tax deed to be issued
57-28-09.1 Form of tax deed
57-28-10 Appraisal for annual sale ‑ Minimum sale price
57-28-11 Hearing on appraisal or reappraisal
57-28-12 Appeal
57-28-13 Time and place of annual sale
57-28-14 Notice of annual sale ‑ Contents
57-28-15 Annual sale at auction ‑ Sale price ‑ Terms of payment
57-28-16 Form of deed to purchaser
57-28-17 Sale between annual sales ‑ Reappraisal
57-28-17.1 Private sale between annual sales by nonexclusive listing agreements
57-28-18 Terms of private sale and distribution of proceeds
57-28-19 Rights of repurchase
57-28-19.1 Real estate sold to city or acquired by the county by tax deed to be marketable
57-28-20 Disposition of proceeds of sales
57-28-21 Cancellations from record
57-28-22 Sale of property owned by county more than ten years
57-28-23 County lands may be leased
57-28-24 Terms of leases
57-28-25 Board of county commissioners may act as leasing agents or may employ a county land agent
57-28-26 Disposition of rental revenue
57-28-27 Discretion of county commissioners in lease or sale of tax deed lands
57-28-28 County lien for costs of improvement to distressed property forfeited in tax foreclosure
57-28-29 Notice of tax delinquency ‑ Central indexing system