North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 57-40.6

Emergency Services Communication Systems

Section Section Name
57-40.6-01 Definitions
57-40.6-02 Authority of counties or cities to impose fee on assessed communications service ‑ Procedure
57-40.6-03 Payment of fee by assessed communications service subscriber or customer
57-40.6-03.1 911 database management charges
57-40.6-04 Fee collection procedure
57-40.6-05 Restriction on use of fee proceeds
57-40.6-06 Database
57-40.6-07 Use of the furnished information
57-40.6-08 Emergency services communication system, automated notification system, or emergency instructions ‑ Liability
57-40.6-09 Governor to appoint an emergency services communication system advisory committee ‑ Standards and guidelines ‑ Report
57-40.6-10 Standards and guidelines
57-40.6-11 Annual report to legislative council
57-40.6-12 Emergency services communications coordinating committee ‑ Membership ‑ Duties
57-40.6-13 Provision of call location information by wireless service provider or prepaid wireless service provider or seller to law enforcement
57-40.6-14 Prepaid wireless emergency 911 fee
57-40.6-15 Prepaid wireless emergency 911 fee fund