North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 57-45

Miscellaneous Provisions

Section Section Name
57-45-01 Taxes paid by occupant or tenant
57-45-02 Taxes paid by mortgagees or others having liens
57-45-03 Tax commissioner to furnish list of lands added to or taken from tax rolls
57-45-04 Tax commissioner to collect taxes when other officer neglects
57-45-05 Officer's refusal to perform duty ‑ Penalty
57-45-06 Suits against officers defended at expense of county
57-45-07 Debts of municipalities void if entailing taxation beyond the rate fixed by law
57-45-08 Consolidated tax account
57-45-09 Submission to county commissioners prerequisite to actions
57-45-10 Tender of taxes
57-45-11 Limitation of action against tax deed
57-45-12 Procedure when taxes or tax lien foreclosures are declared invalid
57-45-13 Supplemental proceedings to enforce collection of state taxes
57-45-14 When tax may be held invalid
57-45-15 Fraudulent tax receipts ‑ Penalty