North Dakota Century Code

Title 60

Warehousing and Deposits

Chapter Section Listing Chapter Name
60-01 60-01 Sections Deposits - General Provisions
60-02 NA Grain and Seed Warehouses [Repealed]
60-02.1 NA Grain Buyers [Repealed]
60-03 NA Hay Buyers [Repealed]
60-04 NA Insolvent Grain Warehousemen [Repealed]
60-05 NA Uniform Accounting for Public Elevators and Warehouses [Repealed]
60-06 60-06 Sections Public Warehouses on Railroad Right of Way
60-07 NA Storage Companies [Repealed]
60-08 NA Warehouse Receipts [Repealed]
60-09 NA Grain Elevator Grain Weighing [Repealed]
60-10 NA Credit-Sale Contract Indemnity [Repealed]