North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 61-16.1

Operation of Water Resource Districts

Section Section Name
61-16.1-01 Legislative intent and purpose
61-16.1-02 Definitions
61-16.1-03 Water resource districts ‑ Boundaries
61-16.1-04 Minutes, books, and records
61-16.1-05 Bonds of treasurer and appointive officers
61-16.1-06 District budget ‑ Financial report ‑ Tax levy ‑ Financing by special assessment
61-16.1-07 District may issue warrants in anticipation of taxes levied to pay current expenses
61-16.1-08 County treasurer to collect and remit taxes to district treasurer ‑ Investment of district funds ‑ Expenditure of district funds
61-16.1-09 Powers of water resource board
61-16.1-09.1 Watercourses, bridges, and low‑water crossings
61-16.1-09.2 Release of easements ‑ Procedure
61-16.1-10 Responsibilities and duties of water resource board
61-16.1-11 Joint exercise of powers (Retroactive application ‑ See note)
61-16.1-12 Scope of water resource board's extraterritorial contractual authority ‑ Board may acquire property in adjoining states and provinces
61-16.1-12.1 Water resource boards ‑ Agreements with state or federal agencies for certain improvements
61-16.1-13 Master plans
61-16.1-14 Contracts for construction or maintenance of project
61-16.1-15 Initiating project financed through revenue bonds, general taxes, or special assessments ‑ Bond required
61-16.1-15.1 Projects or benefits in more than one county
61-16.1-16 Revenue bonds
61-16.1-16.1 Right of way ‑ How acquired ‑ Assessment of damages ‑ Issuance of warrants
61-16.1-17 Assessment projects ‑ Procedure ‑ Engineer report
61-16.1-18 Hearing on assessment project ‑ Notice
61-16.1-19 Voting on proposed projects ‑ Notice of result
61-16.1-20 Voting right or powers of landowners
61-16.1-21 Calculating benefits and assessments ‑ Certification
61-16.1-22 Assessment list to be published ‑ Notice of hearing ‑ Alteration of assessments ‑ Confirmation of assessment list ‑ Filing
61-16.1-23 Appeal to department of water resources
61-16.1-23.1 Notice of letting of contracts
61-16.1-23.2 Extension of time to contractors ‑ Reletting unfinished part of contract
61-16.1-24 When assessments may be made ‑ Prohibition on certain contracts
61-16.1-25 Financial reports ‑ Liability for deficiencies
61-16.1-26 Reassessment of benefits
61-16.1-26.1 Reconveyance of land no longer required for drainage
61-16.1-27 Correction of errors and mistakes in special assessments
61-16.1-28 Certification of assessments to county auditor
61-16.1-29 Extension of special assessments on tax lists ‑ Collection ‑ Payment to district
61-16.1-30 Lien of special assessment
61-16.1-31 Foreclosure of tax lien on property when general and special assessment taxes are delinquent
61-16.1-32 Collection of tax or assessment levied not to be enjoined or declared void ‑ Exceptions
61-16.1-33 Water resource board may apportion assessments for benefits of a project against a county or city or any tract of land benefited
61-16.1-34 Warrants ‑ When payable ‑ Amounts ‑ Interest ‑ Interest coupons
61-16.1-34.1 Drain warrants ‑ Terms and amounts
61-16.1-34.2 Settlement of unpaid warrants
61-16.1-35 Warrants may be used in making payments on contract ‑ Warrants payable out of fund on which drawn ‑ May be used to pay special assessments
61-16.1-36 Refunding special assessment warrants ‑ Purposes for which such warrants may be issued ‑ Payment of warrants
61-16.1-37 Commission, department of water resources, and water resource board shall encourage both structural and nonstructural alternatives
61-16.1-38 Permit to construct or modify dam, dike, or other device required ‑ Penalty ‑ Emergency
61-16.1-39 Dams or other devices constructed within a district shall come under control of a water resource board
61-16.1-39.1 Petition for maintenance ‑ Bond required
61-16.1-39.2 Maintenance of project ‑ Exception
61-16.1-40 When dams constructed by federal agency under control of district
61-16.1-40.1 Maintenance of federally constructed projects ‑ Assessment district established
61-16.1-41 Permit to drain waters required ‑ Penalty
61-16.1-41.1 Removal or placement of fill
61-16.1-42 Drains along and across public roads and railroads
61-16.1-43 Construction of bridges and culverts ‑ Costs
61-16.1-43.1 Assessment drain culverts
61-16.1-44 Culvert and pipe arch bids and acceptance
61-16.1-45 Maintenance of drainage projects
61-16.1-46 Establishing new drains in location of invalid or abandoned drain
61-16.1-47 Drain kept open and in repair by water resource board
61-16.1-48 Assessment of costs of cleaning and repairing drains
61-16.1-49 Petition for a lateral drain ‑ Bond of petitioners
61-16.1-49.1 Designation of lateral drain
61-16.1-50 Drains having a common outlet may be consolidated
61-16.1-50.1 Procedure to construct or extend an assessment drain through or into two or more counties
61-16.1-51 Removal of obstructions to drain ‑ Notice and hearing ‑ Appeal ‑ Injunction ‑ Definition
61-16.1-52 Closing a noncomplying drain ‑ Notice and hearing ‑ Appeal ‑ Injunction
61-16.1-52.1 Closing of noncomplying drain ‑ Notice and hearing ‑ Appeal ‑ Injunction
61-16.1-53 Removal of a noncomplying dike, dam, or other device ‑ Notice and hearing ‑ Appeal ‑ Injunction
61-16.1-53.1 Appeal of board decisions ‑ Department of water resources review ‑ Closing of noncomplying dams, dikes, or other devices for water conservation, flood control, regulation, and watershed improvement
61-16.1-54 Appeal from decision of water resource board ‑ Undertaking ‑ Jurisdiction
61-16.1-55 Appeal from decision of water resource board ‑ How to be taken
61-16.1-56 Time for taking appeal from water resource board decision
61-16.1-57 Filing appeal ‑ Docketing and hearing appeals ‑ Final judgment and sending back
61-16.1-58 Attorney general to assist boards ‑ Employment of counsel
61-16.1-59 Proceedings to confirm contracts, special assessments, and other acts
61-16.1-59.1 Sinking funds and bonds
61-16.1-59.2 Existing obligations and regulations
61-16.1-60 Authorization to organize association of water resource districts
61-16.1-61 Water resource districts ‑ Assumption of assets and liabilities of drain boards
61-16.1-62 Validating organization and acts of water resource districts and county drain boards
61-16.1-63 Penalty for violation of chapter