North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 65-05

Claims and Compensation

Section Section Name
65-05-01 Claims for benefits ‑ When and where filed
65-05-01.1 Pneumoconiosis claims ‑ Rules ‑ Agreements
65-05-01.2 Notice to employer
65-05-01.3 Failure to comply with notice and filing provisions
65-05-01.4 Employer to file first report of notice of injury
65-05-01.5 Organization to notify employee of receipt of employer's first report of notice of injury
65-05-02 Form in which claim must be filed
65-05-03 Jurisdiction of organization to hear questions within its jurisdiction ‑ Finality of determination
65-05-04 Organization has continuing jurisdiction over claims properly filed
65-05-05 Payments made to insured employees injured in course of employment and to their dependents
65-05-06 Payment of compensation in lieu of claim for relief against employer
65-05-07 Injured employee given medical and hospital service required ‑ Furnished artificial limbs and appliances for rehabilitation ‑ Fee approval
65-05-07.1 Organization to adopt fee schedule
65-05-07.2 Payment to organization for certain claims
65-05-07.3 Medical bills ‑ Electronic acceptance
65-05-08 Disability benefits ‑ Not paid unless period of disability is of five days' duration or more ‑ Application required ‑ Suspended during confinement ‑ Duty to report wages
65-05-08.1 Verification of disability
65-05-08.2 Preacceptance disability benefits
65-05-08.3 Treating health care provider's opinion
65-05-09 Temporary total or permanent total disability ‑ Weekly and aggregate benefit
65-05-09.1 Social security offset
65-05-09.2 Retirement offset
65-05-09.3 Retirement presumption ‑ Termination of benefits upon retirement
65-05-09.4 Additional benefit payable
65-05-09.5 Additional benefit payable ‑ Alternative calculation
65-05-10 Partial disability ‑ Weekly benefit
65-05-10.1 Long‑term temporary partial disability inflation adjustment
65-05-11 Maximum and minimum compensation allowances ‑ Total and partial disability
65-05-12 Permanent impairment ‑ Compensation ‑ Time paid
65-05-12.1 Permanent impairment
65-05-12.2 Permanent impairment ‑ Compensation ‑ Time paid
65-05-13 Scheduled injuries ‑ Permanent loss of member ‑ Compensation ‑ Time compensation payable
65-05-14 Scheduled injuries ‑ Partial loss of use of member ‑ Weekly compensation time ‑ Compensation payable
65-05-15 Aggravation awards
65-05-16 Death benefits payable
65-05-17 Weekly compensation allowances for death claims
65-05-18 Provisions of section 65‑05‑17 retroactive
65-05-19 Providing nondependency payments in certain cases
65-05-20 Dependents have option of accepting amount of nondependency payments in lieu of dependency compensation
65-05-20.1 Scholarship fund ‑ Rules
65-05-21 Marriage settlement to spouse
65-05-22 Adjustment on cessation of compensation for death to one beneficiary
65-05-23 Organization may modify apportionment of benefits in certain cases
65-05-24 Accepting compensation after marriage ‑ Penalty
65-05-25 Lump sum settlements ‑ Granted in discretion of organization ‑ How computed
65-05-26 Burial expenses
65-05-27 Organization without probate proceedings may pay spouse of deceased claimant sum due deceased ‑ Maximum payment
65-05-28 Examination of injured employee ‑ Paid expenses ‑ No compensation paid if injured employee refuses to reasonably participate
65-05-28.1 Employer to select preferred provider
65-05-28.2 Preferred provider ‑ Use required ‑ Exceptions ‑ Notice
65-05-29 Assignment of claims void ‑ Claims exempt
65-05-30 Filing of claim constitutes consent to use of information received by health care provider
65-05-31 False statement ‑ Penalty
65-05-32 Privacy of records and hearings ‑ Penalty
65-05-33 Filing false claim or false statement ‑ Penalty
65-05-34 False statement on employment application
65-05-35 Closed claim ‑ Presumption
65-05-36 Preferred worker program ‑ Continuing appropriation
65-05-37 Retaliation by employer prohibited ‑ Action for damages ‑ Penalty
65-05-38 Death of permanently and totally disabled employee ‑ Surviving spouse
65-05-39 Chronic opioid therapy coverage and monitoring
65-05-40 Opioid therapy and benzodiazepine duration limits ‑ Termination of coverage