North Dakota Administrative Code

Article 33.1-10

Radiological Health Rules

Chapter Chapter Name
33.1-10-01 General Provisions
33.1-10-02 Registration of Radiation Machine Facilities and Services
33.1-10-03 [Reserved]
33.1-10-03.1 Rules of General Applicability to Domestic Licensing by Byproduct Material
33.1-10-04 [Reserved]
33.1-10-04.1 [Reserved]
33.1-10-04.2 Standards for Protection against Radiation
33.1-10-05 [Reserved]
33.1-10-05.1 Radiation Safety Requirements for Industrial Radiographic Operations
33.1-10-06 X-Rays in the Healing Arts
33.1-10-07 [Reserved]
33.1-10-07.1 [Reserved]
33.1-10-07.2 Medical Use of Byproduct Material
33.1-10-08 Radiation Safety Requirements for Analytical X‑Ray Equipment
33.1-10-09 Radiation Safety Requirements for Particle Accelerators
33.1-10-10 [Reserved]
33.1-10-10.1 Notices, Instructions, and Reports to Workers - Inspections
33.1-10-11 Fees for Issuance of License and Registration Certificates and Inspections
33.1-10-12 [Reserved]
33.1-10-12.1 Licenses and Radiation Safety Requirements for Well Logging
33.1-10-13 [Reserved]
33.1-10-13.1 Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material
33.1-10-14 [Reserved]
33.1-10-14.1 Licenses and Radiation Safety Requirements for Irradiators
33.1-10-15 Therapeutic Radiation Machines
33.1-10-16 Domestic Licensing of Source Material
33.1-10-17 Domestic Licensing of Special Nuclear Material
33.1-10-18 General Domestic Licenses for Byproduct Material
33.1-10-19 Reciprocal Recognition of Licenses
33.1-10-20 Specific Domestic Licenses to Manufacture or Transfer Certain Items Containing Byproduct Material
33.1-10-21 Specific Domestic Licenses of Broad Scope for Byproduct Material
33.1-10-22 Physical Protection of Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material
33.1-10-23 Regulation and Licensing of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material