North Dakota Administrative Code

Article 45-04

Life Insurance

Chapter Chapter Name
45-04-01 Life Insurance Solicitation
45-04-01.1 Life Insurance Illustrations Model Regulation
45-04-02 Variable Contracts
45-04-03 Interest Rates on Life Insurance Policy Loans
45-04-04 Variable Life Insurance
45-04-05 Universal Life Insurance
45-04-06 Smoker/Nonsmoker Mortality Tables
45-04-07 Mixed-Gender Mortality Tables
45-04-07.1 2001 CSO Mortality Table
45-04-07.2 Preferred Mortality Tables
45-04-07.3 Pre-Need Life Insurance Minimum Standards for Determining Reserve Liabilities and Nonforfeiture Values
45-04-08 Annuity Tables
45-04-09 Regulation on the Use of Clearing Corporations and Federal Reserve Book-Entry System by Insurance Companies [Superseded]
45-04-10 Advertising Rules
45-04-11 Reinsurance Transactions by Licensed Life Insurers
45-04-12 Valuation of Life Insurance Policies
45-04-13 Viatical Settlement Advertising [Repealed]
45-04-14 Military Sales Practices