North Dakota Administrative Code

Article 45-06

Accident and Health Insurance

Chapter Chapter Name
45-06-01 Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards [Superseded]
45-06-01.1 Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards
45-06-02 Intercarrier Health Insurance Pool
45-06-02.1 Comprehensive Health Association of North Dakota
45-06-03 Standard Health Insurance Proof of Loss Forms [Superseded]
45-06-03.1 Standardized Health Claim Form Model Regulation
45-06-04 Advertising Rules
45-06-05 Long-Term Care Insurance Model Regulation
45-06-05.1 Long-Term Care Insurance Model Regulation
45-06-06 North Dakota Small Employer Health Reinsurance Program [Repealed]
45-06-06.1 Regulation to Implement the Small Employer Health Insurance Availability Act
45-06-07 Model Regulation to Implement Rules Regarding Contracts and Services of Health Maintenance Organizations
45-06-08 Loss Ratios
45-06-09 Group Health Insurance Purchasing Cooperatives
45-06-10 Utilization Review
45-06-11 Regulation on the Crediting of Qualifying Previous Coverage toward the Reduction of Preexisting Condition Exclusion Periods
45-06-12 Regulation to Implement North Dakota Century Code Chapter 26.1-36.4, Relating to Hospital and Medical Insurance
45-06-13 Provider-Sponsored Organizations
45-06-14 Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements
45-06-15 Short-Term Care Insurance
45-06-16 Short-Term Limited-Duration Insurance
45-06-17 Self-Insurance Health Plans