North Dakota Administrative Code

Article 7-03.2

Dairy Division

Chapter Chapter Name
7-03.2-01 Definitions
7-03.2-02 License to Haul, Sample, and Test
7-03.2-03 Requirements for Sampling and Testing
7-03.2-04 Licensing Procedures for Dairy Farms
7-03.2-05 Manufacturing Farm Regulations
7-03.2-06 Changing the Milk Buyer
7-03.2-07 Milk and Milk Products Standards
7-03.2-08 Composition Standards for Milk Products
7-03.2-09 Frozen Desserts
7-03.2-10 Inspection Requirements for Dairy Manufacturing and Processing Plants
7-03.2-11 Inspection Criteria for Grade A Plants
7-03.2-12 Transportation of Milk and Cream for Manufacturing, Processing, or Bottling Purposes
7-03.2-13 Milk Haulers Licensing
7-03.2-14 Transportation of Processed and Manufactured Products
7-03.2-15 Butterfat Test
7-03.2-16 Labeling Milk and Milk Products for Retail Sale and Out-of-State Butter
7-03.2-17 Goat and Sheep Milk Production and Processing
7-03.2-18 Distributors of Milk and Milk Products