North Dakota Administrative Code

Title 54

Board of Nursing

Article Article Name
54-01 General Administration
54-02 Nurse Licensure
54-03 Requirements for Nursing Education Programs [Repealed]
54-03.1 Requirements for Nursing Education [Repealed]
54-03.2 Standards for Nursing Education Programs
54-04 Nursing Scholarship-Loans [Repealed]
54-04.1 Nursing Education Loans
54-05 Standards of Practice
54-06 Nurse Aide Registry [Repealed]
54-07 Unlicensed Assistive Person
54-08 Standard for Licensed Nurse Delegation of Nursing Tasks in Settings Where Licensed Nurses are not Regularly Scheduled [Repealed]
54-09 Workplace Impairment Program [Repealed]
54-10 Alternative to Discipline Program