North Dakota Administrative Code

Title 81

Tax Commissioner

Article Article Name
81-01 General Administration
81-01.1 Practice and Procedure
81-02 Property Taxes [Repealed]
81-02.1 Property Taxes
81-03 Income Taxes and Privilege Taxes Based on Income
81-04 Sales and Use Taxes [Repealed]
81-04.1 Sales and Use Taxes
81-05 Motor Vehicle Excise Tax [Repealed]
81-05.1 Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
81-06 Motor Fuel Tax [Repealed]
81-06.1 Motor Fuel Tax
81-07 Estate Tax [Repealed]
81-07.1 Estate Tax
81-08 Coal Taxes
81-09 Oil and Gas Gross Production and Oil Extraction Taxes
81-10 Banks, Trust Companies, and Savings and Loan Associations [Repealed]
81-10.1 Financial Institutions Tax
81-11 Municipal Waste Surcharge [Repealed]
81-12 Alcohol and Beer Taxes