Chapter Categories

The Chapter Categories is the online version of the Session Laws derived from the printed version of the Session Laws.

Every bill is placed within a category that reflects the general subject matter of that bill.  Session Laws chapter numbers do not have any relationship to date of enactment.

Selecting the appropriate category will lead you to the bills that are compiled under that category for purposes of publication of the Session Laws.

Combined Chapters

1865-66 Territory of Dakota Session Laws - Full Book

1865-66 Territory of Dakota Session Laws - Chapter Categories

General Laws

Civil Code (Chapter 1)

Justices Code (Chapter 2)

Amendments (Chapters 3-8)

Attorneys (Chapter 9)

County Officers (Chapters 10-12)

Courts (Chapter 13)

Elections (Chapter 14)

Fences (Chapter 15)

Ferries (Chapter 16)

Firing of Prairies (Chapter 17)

Indians (Chapters 18-19)


Immigration (Chapter 20)

Laws and Journals (Chapter 21)

Poisons (Chapter 22)

Printers Fees (Chapter 23)

Revenue (Chapter 24)

Road Supervisors (Chapter 25)

Roads (Chapters 26-30)

Schools (Chapter 31)

Sheep and Swine (Chapter 32)

Surveyors (Chapter 33)

Memorials and Resolutions

Blood Hounds (Chapter 34)

Capitol Building (Chapter 35)

Codification of Laws (Chapter 36)

Geological Survey (Chapter 37)

Indian Agent (Chapter 38)

Indemnification (Chapter 39)

Lincoln and Johnson (Chapter 40)

Mail Routes (Chapters 41-45)


Mail Service (Chapters 46-47)

Military Head Quarters (Chapter 48)

Military Posts (Chapters 49-51)

Pacific Rail Road (Chapter 52)

S. L. Spink (Chapter 53)

Territorial College (Chapter 54)

W. A. Burleigh (Chapter 55)

Special and Private Laws

Citizenship (Chapter 1)

Ferries (Chapter 2)

Incorporations (Chapter 3)

Jail (Chapter 4)


Tax - Clay County (Chapter 5)

Transportation of Books (Chapter 6)

Territorial Warrants (Chapter 7)