Chapter Categories

The Chapter Categories is the online version of the Session Laws derived from the printed version of the Session Laws.

Every bill is placed within a category that reflects the general subject matter of that bill. Within a category, bills generally are arranged in ascending order by Century Code section number, and then a Session Laws chapter number is assigned. Thus, Session Laws chapter numbers do not have any relationship to date of enactment.

Selecting the appropriate category will lead you to the bills that are compiled under that category for purposes of publication of the Session Laws.

1991 Session Laws - Chapter Categories

Appropriations (Chapters 1-53)

General Provisions (Chapters 54-56)

Aeronautics (Chapter 57)

Agriculture (Chapters 58-74)

Alcoholic Beverages (Chapters 75-80)

Banks and Banking (Chapters 81-93)

Contracts and Obligations (Chapter 94)

Corporations (Chapters 95-101)

Counties (Chapters 102-114)

Corrections, Parole, and Probation (Chapters 115-120)

Criminal Code (Chapters 121-136)

Debtor and Creditor Relationship (Chapters 137-140)

Domestic Relations and Persons (Chapters 141-153)

Education (Chapters 154-205)

Elections (Chapters 206-219)

Fires (Chapters 220-222)

Foods, Drugs, Oils, and Compounds (Chapters 223-229)

Game, Fish, Predators, and Boating (Chapters 230-254)

Governmental Finance (Chapters 255-256)

Health and Safety (Chapters 257-286)

Highways, Bridges, and Ferries (Chapters 287-291)

Mentally Ill, Tubercular, Blind, and Deaf (Chapters 292-298)

Insurance (Chapters 299-325)

Judicial Branch of Government (Chapters 326-336)

Judicial Procedure, Civil (Chapters 337-344)

Judicial Procedure, Criminal (Chapters 345-347)

Uniform Probate Code (Chapters 348-351)

Judicial Proof (Chapters 352-353)

Judicial Remedies (Chapters 354-362)

County Justice Court (Chapters 363-364)

Labor and Employment (Chapter 365)

Liens (Chapters 366-370)

Livestock (Chapters 371-377)

Military (Chapters 378-385)

Mining and Gas and Oil Production (Chapters 386-393)

Motor Vehicles (Chapters 394-439)

Municipal Government (Chapters 440-447)

Uniform Commercial Code (Chapters 448-449)

Occupations and Professions (Chapters 450-475)

Offices and Officers (Chapters 476-480)

Partnerships (Chapter 481)

Printing Laws (Chapters 482-483)

Property (Chapters 484-492)

Public Buildings (Chapters 493-496)

Public Utilities (Chapters 497-503)

Public Welfare (Chapters 504-519)

Sales and Exchanges (Chapters 520-532)

Social Security (Chapters 533-542)

Sports and Amusements (Chapters 543-560)

State Government (Chapters 561-637)

State Historical Society and State Parks (Chapters 638-647)

Taxation (Chapters 648-692)

Townships (Chapter 693)

Trusts, Uses, and Powers (Chapters 694-695)

Warehousing and Deposits (Chapters 696-697)

Waters (Chapters 698-709)

Weapons (Chapter 710)

Weeds (Chapters 711-712)

Workers' Compensation (Chapters 713-721)

Vetoed Measures (Chapters 722-733)

Measure Approved Over Governor's Veto (Chapter 734)

Initiated Measures Disapproved (Chapters 735-739)

Referred Measures Disapproved (Chapters 740-746)

Constitutional Amendments Approved (Chapters 747-748)

Constitutional Amendments Disapproved (Chapters 749-754)

Constitutional Amendments Proposed (Chapters 755-758)

House Concurrent Resolutions (Chapters 759-815)

Senate Concurrent Resolutions (Chapters 816-875)

House Resolution (Chapter 876)

House Memorial Resolution (Chapter 877)

Senate Resolutions (Chapters 878-880)

Senate Memorial Resolution (Chapter 881)