1862 2nd Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Dakota

Regular Session:

Convened Monday, December 1, 1862
Adjourned Friday, January 9, 1863

Assembly information prior to the 1997 Legislative Assembly is continuously being added to the legislative branch website.  Therefore, assembly documents and information preceding the 1997 Legislative Assembly may not be available at this time, but may become available in the future.

The 2nd Territorial Legislative Assembly consisted of a Council with 10 council members and a House of Representatives with 14 representatives. 

Councilmember Henry D. Betts was absent and his seat remained vacant during the 2nd Territorial legislative session.  Therefore, only 9 members served in the Council for this session.

Postsession Information

Bill & Resolution Information

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Bill & Resolution Statistics

Bills: 0 Introduced Passed
House 0 0
Senate 0 0
Concurrent Resolutions: 0    
House 0 0
Senate 0 0
Memorial Resolutions: 0    
House 0 0
Senate 0 0
Resolutions: 0    
House 0 0
Senate 0 0
Statistics Totals
Total Bills And Resolutions Introduced 0
Governor Signed 0
Governor Vetoes 0
Vetoes Overridden with 2/3 Majority Vote 0
Item Vetoes (Did Not Affect Entire Bill) 0


*Bill and resolution information
for this assembly is not available.