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A BILL for an Act to create and enact two new sections to chapter 15-10, a new section to chapter 15.1-09, and a new section to chapter 15.1-19 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to oaths by faculty members, vehicle and heating fuel purchases, and student usage of alcohol or controlled substances; to amend and reenact subsection 1 of section 6-09.4-23, sections 15-19-01, 15-19-04, 15.1-06-01, 15.1-07-02, 15.1-07-03, 15.1-07-17, and 15.1-08-06, subsection 2 of section 15.1-09-01, subsection 4 of section 15.1-09-05, sections 15.1-09-25, 15.1-09-26, 15.1-09-31, 15.1-09-34, and 15.1-09-50, subsection 9 of section 15.1-12-10, section 15.1-19-09, subsection 7 of section 21-03-07, sections 21-06-12, 25-01.2-13, 34-07-02, and 34-07-15, subsection 5 of section 50-11.1-02, subsection 1 of section 54-07-01.2, sections 54-23.2-04.2, 57-15-14, 57-15-14.2, 57-15-55.1, 57-16-04, and 57-51.1-08, and subsection 1 of section 57-62-02 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to evidences of indebtedness, correspondence courses, school admission, school district petitions, school district contracts, military installation school districts, school board member oaths, school board size, school board minutes, fuel purchases, school board powers, reorganization, bond issuances, labor by minors, early childhood services, boards and commissions, vital records, educational foundations, special education, mill levies, education funding, and the coal development trust fund; and to repeal sections 15.1-07-22 and 15.1-09-37 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to oaths of school district business managers and fees.

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