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Legislative Day 22 February 03, 2023

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1099 Committee report HJ505
HB 1103 Failed HJ503
HB 1183 Committee report HJ506
HB 1183 Rereferred HJ506
HB 1198 Committee report HJ506
HB 1199 Governor signed HJ501
HB 1219 Committee report HJ506
HB 1235 Committee report HJ506
HB 1255 Committee report HJ507
HB 1279 Returned to House HJ505
HB 1291 Passed HJ504
HB 1298 Failed HJ502
HB 1298 Reconsider HJ502
HB 1303 Amendment adopted HJ501
HB 1309 Rereferred HJ507
HB 1309 Committee report HJ507
HB 1311 Failed HJ505
HB 1324 Committee report HJ507
HB 1325 Committee report HJ507
HB 1394 Committee report HJ508
HB 1417 Committee report HJ508
HB 1418 Committee report HJ508
HB 1439 Amendment adopted HJ501
HB 1439 Reconsider HJ502 HJ501
HB 1439 Amendment failed HJ501
HB 1439 Laid over HJ502
HB 1440 Committee report HJ508
HB 1451 Amendment adopted HJ501
HB 1451 Rereferred HJ501
HB 1467 Committee report HJ512
HB 1504 Rereferred HJ502
HB 1504 Request return from committee HJ502
HB 1507 Failed HJ503
HB 1508 Committee report HJ512
HB 1518 Laid over HJ502
SB 2094 Received from Senate HJ505
SB 2200 Received from Senate HJ505
SB 2202 Received from Senate HJ505
SB 2206 Received from Senate HJ505
SB 2210 Received from Senate HJ505
SB 2216 Received from Senate HJ505
SB 2278 Received from Senate HJ505
SB 2365 Received from Senate HJ505
HCR 3008 Committee report HJ512
HCR 3011 Passed HJ504