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Legislative Day 66 April 17, 2023

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1011 Committee report HJ1971
HB 1018 Not concurred HJ1963
HB 1018 Conference committee HJ1963
HB 1024 Committee report HJ1974
HB 1052 Committee report HJ1975
HB 1153 Delivered to Governor HJ1970
HB 1153 Speaker signed HJ1970
HB 1168 Conference committee HJ1963
HB 1168 Not concurred HJ1963
HB 1183 Delivered to Governor HJ1970
HB 1183 Speaker signed HJ1970
HB 1242 Governor signed HJ1959
HB 1267 Speaker signed HJ1970
HB 1267 Delivered to Governor HJ1970
HB 1276 Delivered to Governor HJ2421
HB 1276 Speaker signed HJ1970
HB 1288 Committee report HJ1957 HJ1962
HB 1288 Passed HJ1962
HB 1362 Conference committee HJ1963
HB 1362 Not concurred HJ1963
HB 1371 Committee report HJ1976
HB 1415 Committee report HJ1962 HJ1958 HJ1962
HB 1415 Reconsider HJ1962
HB 1416 Passed HJ1960
HB 1416 Vetoed by Governor HJ1959
HB 1416 Consideration of Governor's veto HJ1960
HB 1429 Committee report HJ2001
HB 1455 Committee report HJ2002
HB 1465 Committee report HJ1961 HJ1959
HB 1465 Passed HJ1961
HB 1522 Not concurred HJ1963
HB 1522 Conference committee HJ1963
HB 1532 Delivered to Governor HJ1970
HB 1532 Speaker signed HJ1970
HB 1540 Introduced HJ2005
SB 2001 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2003 Conference committee HJ1963
SB 2005 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2010 Conference committee HJ1963
SB 2017 Conference committee HJ1963
SB 2018 Conference committee HJ1963
SB 2021 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2024 Conference committee HJ1963
SB 2048 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2061 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2071 Failed HJ1964
SB 2071 Committee report HJ1953
SB 2085 Committee report HJ1970
SB 2087 Failed HJ1964
SB 2087 Committee report HJ1953
SB 2129 Passed HJ1965
SB 2129 Committee report HJ1953
SB 2129 Amendment adopted HJ1963
SB 2150 Passed HJ1967
SB 2150 Amendment adopted HJ1963
SB 2150 Committee report HJ1954
SB 2150 Emergency clause carried HJ1967
SB 2181 Committee report HJ1956
SB 2181 Passed HJ1965
SB 2181 Amendment adopted HJ1963
SB 2190 Failed HJ1964
SB 2190 Committee report HJ1957
SB 2200 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2239 Laid over HJ1963
SB 2239 Committee report HJ1957
SB 2240 Conference committee HJ1963
SB 2242 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2254 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2265 Conference committee HJ1963
SB 2273 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2279 Conference committee HJ1963
SB 2281 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2326 Conference committee HJ1963
SB 2335 Passed HJ1966
SB 2335 Amendment adopted HJ1963
SB 2341 Conference committee HJ1963
SB 2345 Passed HJ1967
SB 2345 Committee report HJ1957
SB 2345 Amendment adopted HJ1963
SB 2371 Passed HJ1966
SB 2371 Amendment adopted HJ1963
SB 2372 Speaker signed HJ1970
SB 2380 Passed HJ1961
SB 2380 Committee report HJ1961
SB 2392 Speaker signed HJ1970
HCR 3035 Committee report HJ2005
SCR 4014 Speaker signed HJ1970