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Legislative Day 72 April 26, 2023

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1002 Delivered to Governor HJ2413
HB 1003 Committee report HJ2371
HB 1003 Passed HJ2371
HB 1012 Passed HJ2370
HB 1012 Committee report HJ2370
HB 1015 Laid over HJ2392
HB 1040 Speaker signed HJ2413
HB 1040 Delivered to Governor HJ2413
HB 1052 Governor signed HJ2373
HB 1158 Passed HJ2395
HB 1158 Committee report HJ2395 HJ2377
HB 1205 Governor signed HJ2372
HB 1239 Delivered to Governor HJ2413
HB 1273 Filed with Secretary of State HJ2316
HB 1310 Delivered to Governor HJ2413
HB 1362 Reconsider HJ2391
HB 1362 Passed HJ2392
HB 1371 Delivered to Governor HJ2413
HB 1391 Speaker signed HJ2413
HB 1413 Committee report HJ2394 HJ2383
HB 1413 Passed HJ2394
HB 1438 Governor signed HJ2373
HB 1455 Governor signed HJ2373
HB 1473 Governor signed HJ2372
HB 1475 Filed with Secretary of State HJ2316
HB 1477 Delivered to Governor HJ2413
HB 1487 Speaker signed HJ2413
HB 1497 Committee report HJ2413
HB 1501 Speaker signed HJ2413
HB 1519 Passed HJ2408
HB 1519 Committee report HJ2395 HJ2408
HB 1538 Committee report HJ2383 HJ2394
HB 1538 Passed HJ2394
HB 1540 Returned to House HJ2410
SB 2010 Passed HJ2393
SB 2010 Committee report HJ2393 HJ2385
SB 2016 Emergency clause carried HJ2369
SB 2016 Committee report HJ2369
SB 2016 Passed HJ2369
SB 2018 Passed HJ2370
SB 2018 Committee report HJ2370
SB 2024 Speaker signed HJ2413
SB 2066 Amendment adopted HJ2391
SB 2066 Failed HJ2409
SB 2066 Committee report HJ2373
SB 2089 Passed HJ2367
SB 2089 Committee report HJ2367
SB 2129 Speaker signed HJ2413
SB 2136 Committee report HJ2377
SB 2136 Failed HJ2409
SB 2170 Speaker signed HJ2413
SB 2181 Speaker signed HJ2413
SB 2196 Passed HJ2369
SB 2196 Committee report HJ2369
SB 2238 Committee report HJ2393 HJ2387
SB 2238 Passed HJ2393
SB 2248 Committee report HJ2400 HJ2408
SB 2248 Passed HJ2408
SB 2304 Passed HJ2407
SB 2304 Emergency clause carried HJ2407
SB 2304 Committee report HJ2407 HJ2402
SB 2330 Passed HJ2368
SB 2330 Committee report HJ2368
SB 2330 Emergency clause carried HJ2368
SB 2334 Committee report HJ2368
SB 2334 Passed HJ2368
SB 2335 Committee report HJ2368
SB 2371 Passed HJ2392
SB 2371 Committee report HJ2388 HJ2392