Major Topic Index - Agriculture Commissioner

Category Bill
Annual Salary SB 2009
Abandoned Oil and Gas Well Plugging and Site Reclamation Fund SB 2009
Administration of the Agriculture Infrastructure Fund HB 1148
Agency Appropriation SB 2009
Agriculture Diversification and Development Fund HB 1276
Agriculture Infrastructure Fund HB 1148
Agriculture Infrastructure Fund Political Subdivision Grants HB 1379
Bioscience Innovation Fund and Bioscience Innovation Grant Program SB 2009
Credit-sale Contract Indemnity Fund HB 1393
Environment and Rangeland Protection Fund SB 2009
Environment and Rangeland Protection Fund and Minor Use Pesticide Fund SB 2009
Game and Fish Department Operating Fund SB 2009
Grassland Grazing Grants SB 2290
Loan Repayment SB 2025
Outdoor Heritage Fund Grant for the Waterbank Program SB 2009
Post-production Royalty Oversight Program SB 2009
Regional Livestock Planning Grants HB 1437
Uncrewed Aircraft System, Autonomous Vehicle, or Other Autonomous Technology Grants HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants HB 1519
Wildlife Services Program SB 2009
Audit of Loan Programs Administered by the Bank of North Dakota SB 2233
Legacy Projects Advisory Board HB 1379
Cost of Brucellosis Tag HB 1101
Friendly County Designation SB 2373
Sale of Raw Milk Directly to a Consumer HB 1515
Crop Protection Product Harmonization and Registration SB 2324
Food Insecurity Task Force HB 1471
State Agricultural Foreign Investment Review Board HB 1356
Proposed Studies
Native Pollinating Insects HB 1258
Anhydrous Ammonia Facility Applications HB 1302
Forage Inspector Contracting HB 1099
Grain and Seed Warehouses, Grain Buyers, Insolvent Grain Warehousemen HB 1393
Hemp Production SB 2096
Meat Processing Licensure SB 2100
Oversight of Post-production Royalty Program SB 2194
Placement or Location of a Beehive SB 2134
Post-production Royalty Oversight Program SB 2194
Postproduction Royalty Oversight Program SB 2374
Terms of Elected State Officers HB 1235
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