Major Topic Index - Board of Higher Education

Category Bill
Academic Program Approval HB 1003
Nursing Program Matching Grants SB 2288
Re-energize North Dakota Scholarship SB 2197
Authority to Deposit Money Into Institution Accounts at the Bank of North Dakota HB 1392
Campus Policies and Procedures HB 1003
Carrying a Concealed Firearm on College Campus HB 1404
Covid-19 Vaccinations and Experimental Vaccines for Students HB 1200
Disclosure of Financial Condition HB 1003
Limitations on Tuition Rate Increases HB 1003
Records of a Public Entity Governing Body SB 2343
Higher Education Report on Higher Education Trends HB 1003
Registered Apprenticeship Program Participants HB 1382
Skilled Workforce Student Loan Repayment and Scholarships HB 1240
Severance Agreement Approved by State Board of Higher Education HB 1003
Specified Concept at Institutions of Higher Education SB 2247
Workforce Education Innovation Program HB 1241
Working Papers of Higher Education Internal Auditors and Compliance Officers HB 1226
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