Major Topic Index - Crimes

Category Bill
Aggravated Crimes
Aggravated Assault, Harassment, and Criminal Mischief for Bias Crimes HB 1537
Aggravated Manslaughter SB 2375
Violent Offenders HB 1122
Armed Offenders - Right to Possess Firearms HB 1350
Bicycle and Animal Ridden Being Deemed a Vehicle - Exception HB 1506
Burn Restriction Established by a Local Order HB 1053
Child Abuse
Child Abuse and Neglect, Information Index, and Prenatal Exposure SB 2103
Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect HB 1144
Mental Injury for the Crime of Child Abuse HB 1492
Court Entry of Judgment of Summary Disposition or Summary Dismissal HB 1087
Criminal History Background Checks
Accountants and Licensure of Public Accountants SB 2061
Applicants for a Radioactive Materials License or Solid Waste Permit SB 2076
Medical Marijuana Compassion Centers SB 2102
Psychiatric Facilities for Children and Shelter Care Program SB 2051
Criminal Restitution HB 1041
Confidentiality of Defendant's Contact Information SB 2216
Fitness of Defendant to Proceed in Criminal Proceedings SB 2046
Reimbursement for a Finding of Self Defense HB 1213
Search and Seizure Protections SCR 4006
Domestic Terrorism HB 1334
Drug Crimes
Fines, Fees, and Costs Upon Successful Completion of Adult Drug Court Program HB 1289
Increased Penalties for Drug Offenses Near Public Park HB 1459
Mandatory Term of Imprisonment for Manufacturing or Delivering Fentanyl SB 2248
Special Penalty for Manufacturing or Delivering Fentanyl SB 2248
Exception for Motorcycle Ride Poker Run and Dice Roll HB 1152
Administration of State Crime Laboratory SB 2131
Exempting Crime Scene Images of Minors SB 2232
Medical Screening and Acute Forensic Medical Examination Costs SB 2067
Insurance Fraud Venue HB 1094
Judicial District Mental Health Diversion Pilot Program HB 1138
Mass Murder Sentencing HB 1122
Multiple Changes to the Juvenile Court Act, Child Welfare Law, Child Delinquency Law HB 1137
Displaying Objectionable Materials or Performance to Minors SB 2123
Obscenity Control SB 2360
Prohibiting Public Libraries From Maintaining Sexually Explicit Books HB 1205
Restrictions on Adult-oriented Performances HB 1333
Open Records Identification of Individual Requesting Record HB 1198
Presumptive Probation Aggravating Factor of Force HB 1490
Prohibiting a Forced or Coerced Abortion HB 1171
Prohibiting a Political Subdivision From Seizing Personal Property Without Due Process SB 2385
Prohibiting a Public Servant From Seizing Private Property Without Due Process SB 2385
Prohibition of Certain Practices Against a Minor Relating to Gender Identity HB 1254
Proposed Studies
Study of Juvenile Delinquency Offense Code HB 1195
Study Re-entry Outcomes for Incarcerated Adults and Youth HCR 3026
Repeal of Statute Criminalizing Transferring Body Fluid Containing the Human Immunodeficiency Virus HB 1281
Repeal Statute Relating to Mandatory Prison Terms for Certain Offenses SB 2107
Repeal Statutes Relating to Issues of Fact, Plea of Once in Jeopardy, and Special Verdicts SB 2106
Riding a Bicycle Under the Influence HB 1506
Sealing of Criminal Records Relating to Disorderly Conduct HB 1130
Sentencing for Crimes Committed With Firearms and for Fleeing Law Enforcement SB 2107
Sex Crimes
False Allegations of Sexual Harassment or Discrimination HB 1256
Prosecution and Punishment for Intrusive Touching of Aircraft Passengers HB 1410
Prosecution for Gross Sexual Imposition HB 1145
Rights of a Sexual Assault Survivor HB 1518
Sexual Reproductive Imposition by Health Care Provider HB 1140
Statute of Limitations for Sex Crimes Who Develop a Disabling Mental Condition HB 1145
Simple Assault - Assault on Health Care Facility Employee HB 1121
Grading of Theft Offenses and Criminal Mischief HB 1378
Refusal to Return Property at End of Lease or Rental Term HB 1143
Training, Data Collection, and Reporting of Bias Crimes HB 1537
Uniform Bail Schedule Initiative HB 1453
Warrant - Electronic Communication SB 2043
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