Major Topic Index - Department of Commerce

Category Bill
Agency Appropriation HB 1018
Air Force Base Air National Guard Retention Grant Funding SB 2240
Downtown Hospital Building Grant Program and a Rural Hospital Grant Program SB 2342
Federal State Fiscal Recovery Fund for Grants for Substance Use Disorder Treatment SB 2166
Historic Opera House Restoration Grant Program HB 1209
Innovation Technology Grants HB 1454
Internship Fund HB 1018
Office of Health Care Immigration SB 2142
Pregnancy Resource Services SB 2195
Regional Livestock Planning Grants HB 1437
Rural Grocery Store Sustainability and Food Access Expansion Pilot Grant Program SB 2273
Rural Health Care Grant Program HB 1018
Rural Workforce Housing Grants HB 1496
Workforce Development and Enrichment Fund HB 1379
Workforce Development Training Grants HB 1421
Budget Section Hearings on State Plans for Federal Block Grants HCR 3001
Fertilizer Development Council HB 1369
Food Insecurity Task Force HB 1471
Immigration Workforce Advisory Board SB 2151
Maximum Basement Depths in Residential Properties SB 2303
Membership of the Energy Policy Commission SB 2137
Renaissance Zone Designation HB 1266
Repeal of the Rural Growth Incentive Program HB 1214
Business Incentives, Agreements, Reports HB 1215
State Poet Laureate SB 2338
Tax Credit for Purchases of Manufacturing Machinery HB 1168
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