Major Topic Index - Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

2023 Regular Session (68th Legislative Assembly)

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Category Bill
Agency Appropriation HB 1015
Grants for Appreciation Salary Bonus HB 1184
Delinquent Children and Transfer to Other Courts HB 1160
Duties of Juvenile Court Director and Individual Justice Planning HB 1263
Job Shadowing for Education and Community Outreach HB 1066
Land Transfer of Property Used for the Missouri River Correctional Center and Property Under the Control of the Department in Morton County HB 1433
Prison Industries Products Sold to State Employees HB 1065
Restrooms and Showers Exclusively for Males or Females HB 1473
Strategic Investment and Improvements Fund
New Heart River Correctional Center Facility and Maintenance Shop HB 1015
Study Re-entry Outcomes for Incarcerated Adults and Youth HCR 3026
Supervision of Children HB 1160
Treatment Records Exception to Confidential Records SB 2091
Wireless Communication Devices Use by Inmates SB 2105
Work Release Program for Violent Offenders HB 1122
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