Major Topic Index - District Court

Category Bill
Appeal of Decision of Water Resource Board SB 2036
Compensation Following Rejection of Offer of Mineral Developer HB 1510
Compensation of Jurors HB 1002
Competition Between Government and Private Industry HB 1374
Court Entry of Judgment of Summary Disposition or Summary Dismissal HB 1087
Criminal Restitution HB 1041
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Access to Case History, Medical, Psychological, or Treatment Records SB 2091
Dogs as a Public Nuisance HB 1364
Domestic Relations
Appointment of Attorney Guardian Ad Litem HB 1113
Limitations on Permanent Spousal Support SB 2069
Mandated Intervention Program for Domestic Violence Offenders HB 1269
Multiple Changes to the Laws Relating to the Juvenile Court Act HB 1113
Protecting Survivors of Domestic Abuse From Abusive Litigation HB 1533
Domestic Terrorism HB 1334
Eminent Domain-assessment of Damages Calculation HB 1384
Fitness of Defendant to Proceed in Criminal Proceedings SB 2046
Insurance Fraud Venue HB 1094
Judicial District Mental Health Diversion Pilot Program HB 1138
Judicial Referees Abolished SB 2252
Delinquent Children HB 1160
Multiple Changes to the Laws Relating to the Juvenile Court Act HB 1137
Mandatory Term of Imprisonment for Manufacturing or Delivering Fentanyl SB 2248
Model Zoning Ordinances for Animal Feeding Operations HB 1423
Payment for Production From Wells HB 1520
Procedural Requirements Governing Appeals From Local Governing Bodies HB 1462
Prohibition of Unfair Service Agreements HB 1188
Regarding Conservatorships and Emergency Conservatorships SB 2222
Reimbursement for a Finding of Self Defense HB 1213
State Seed Department Issuance of Civil Penalties SB 2062
Surveying Process During Eminent Domain Procedures SB 2251
Suspension of an Operator's License for Nonpayment of Child Support SB 2219
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