Major Topic Index - Health

Category Bill
Autism Spectrum Disorder Voucher Program Pilot Project HB 1110
Birth Records
Biological Sex Designation HB 1139
Correction or Amendment HB 1297
Brain Injury Advisory Council Membership HB 1418
Composition of Onsite Wastewater Recycling Technical Committee SB 2256
Composition of the Environmental Review Advisory Council HB 1358
Comprehensive Emergency Cardiovascular Medical System SB 2085
Core Functions of Public Health Units SB 2153
Department of Health and Human Services Pay for Success Program HB 1479
Department of Veterans' Affairs Access to Death Records Relating to Suicide HB 1326
Fundamental Parental Rights in Education and Medical Treatment SB 2260
Giving Hearts Day HCR 3016
Health Council Membership and Duties SB 2227
Hours of Operation of the Office of Statistical Services HB 1220
Human Service Centers to Become Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics SB 2128
Coverage of Telehealth SB 2160
Covered Services for Medical Assistance HB 1530
Exemption for Insurance Regulations for Nonprofit Agricultural Membership Organizations SB 2349
Out-of-pocket Expenses for Health Care Services HB 1413
Prior Authorization SB 2389
International Health Regulations HB 1111
Life Safety Survey of a Health Care Facility Licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services HB 1045
Medicaid Fraud Retention of Records Requirements HB 1435
Multiple Changes Relating to the Merger of the Department of Human Services With the State Department of Health HB 1165
Nursing Home Rate Adjustments HB 1322
Pregnancy Counseling Services HB 1509
Professional Transparency for Health Care Practitioners HB 1221
Proposed Studies
Health Insurance Coverage for Diagnostic and Supplemental Breast Examinations SCR 4009
Strategies to Increase Health Benefits Coverage HCR 3018
Repeal of Maternity Hospitals and Maternity Homes SB 2081
Repeal of Statute Criminalizing Transferring Body Fluid Containing the Human Immunodeficiency Virus HB 1281
Smoking in Bars and Cigar Lounges HB 1229
Covid-19 Vaccinations and Experimental Vaccines HB 1200
Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status SB 2274
Prohibiting the Use of Vaccines Developed Using Messenger Ribonucleic Acid SB 2384
Prohibition on Requiring a Vaccination HB 1505
Publication of Vaccine Adverse Event Data HB 1207
Vaccination and Infection Information SB 2274
Wastewater Treatment System Installers SB 2253
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