Major Topic Index - Indians

Category Bill
Child Welfare
Father's Adoption Registry and Indian Child Welfare Act SB 2327
Foster Care for Indian Child HB 1536
Indian Child Welfare Act - Adoption and Foster Preferences HB 1457
Removal and Adoption Under Indian Child Welfare Act HB 1536
Creation of the Northwest Area Water Supply Authority HB 1218
Information and Technology Services SB 2073
Membership of Area Career and Technology Center Boards HB 1178
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax for Enrolled Tribal Members HB 1223
Poet Laureate SCR 4002
Proposed Studies
Ambient Air Quality Monitoring on Fort Berthold Reservation HCR 3029
Environmental Impact of Oil Drilling Within the Fort Berthold Reservation HCR 3028
Proper Spectator Conduct at School Events HCR 3022
Snow Removal Grants SB 2183
Sports Betting Task Force SB 2358
State-tribal Agreements Regarding Alcoholic Beverages Wholesale Tax and Gross Receipts Tax SB 2377
Tribal Contracts With State Water Commission HB 1385
Whitestone Hill Native American Memorial HB 1287
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