Major Topic Index - Initiative, Recall, and Referral

Category Bill
Annual Sessions of the Legislative Assembly HCR 3020
Campaign Finance Disclosures of Political Parties and Candidates HB 1529
Constitutional Amendment
Authorization to Levy Property Tax for Funding of Public School Primary and Secondary Education SCR 4020
Authorize Sports Betting HCR 3002
Impose a State Property Tax Levy of One Mill for Support of the State Medical Center at the University of North Dakota SCR 4019
Limiting Property Tax Levies, Limiting General Obligation Bonds, and Replacing Lost Property Tax Revenue Through Increased Sales Tax HCR 3024
Petition Signature Verification by Signature Gatherer HCR 3031
Process for Approving Constitutional Amendments SCR 4013
Require Governor to Call a Special Session of the Legislative Assembly HCR 3005
Rescind Extant Applications by Legislative Assembly to Call a Constitutional Convention SCR 4012
Search and Seizure Protections SCR 4006
Terminology Describing Public Institutions SCR 4001
Extended Session of the Legislative Assembly to One Hundred Days HCR 3020
Imposition of Foreign Influence Tax on Nonresident Contributions Influencing a Measure HB 1452
Initiative and Referral Must Be in Clear Language SB 2163
Invalid Signatures on an Initiated Ballot HB 1230
Measures to Amend the Constitution and the Manner of Placing the Measures on Ballots SB 2226
Repeal of Constitution Must Show Text HB 1432
Require Governor to Call a Special Session of the Legislative Assembly HCR 3005
Sufficiency of Petitions as Determined by Secretary of State HB 1324
Term Limits for Members of Legislative Assembly and Statewide Elected Officers HCR 3019
Transfer of Earnings From the Legacy Fund and Definition of Earnings HCR 3033
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