Major Topic Index - Law Enforcement

Category Bill
Retired Law Enforcement Dogs HB 1388
Team Certification HB 1428
Confidentiality of Defendant's Contact Information SB 2216
Correctional Officer Includes Peace Officer for Free Tuition Program for Survivor of Peace Officer SB 2130
Fentanyl Reporting SB 2248
Samples for Dna Testing and Chemical Tests to Determine Alcohol Concentration and Presence of Drugs HB 1338
Electronic Proof of Registration HB 1080
Enforcement of Safety Belt Requirements SB 2362
Entering a Closed Road SB 2189
Exempting Crime Scene Images of Minors SB 2232
Income Tax Deduction for Retired Law Enforcement Personnel Benefits SB 2147
Law Enforcement Resiliency Grant Program SB 2213
Law Enforcement Staffing Grant Program HB 1415
Motor Vehicle Owner's Liability for Fleeing a Peace Officer SB 2348
Notice to Owner and Law Enforcement of Abandoned Vehicles SB 2300
Parental Rights May Not Be Infringed Upon by Government SB 2188
Peace Officers Acting Outside Jurisdiction SB 2286
Presumption of Compensability for Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers HB 1279
Recording of Custodial Interrogations SB 2376
Records That Are Images Taken With a Body Camera HB 1262
Suicide Fatality Review Commission HB 1390
Training, Data Collection, and Reporting of Bias Crimes HB 1537
Workers' Compensation Presumption of Compensability for Firefighters and Law Enforcement HB 1279
Workforce Recruitment - Back the Blue Program HB 1307
Workforce Safety and Insurance Report SB 2116
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