Major Topic Index - Mental Health

Category Bill
988 Crisis Hotline Program SB 2149
Behavioral Health
Grants for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics SB 2128
Human Service Centers to Become Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics SB 2128
Primary Prevention Initiative Grants SB 2322
Court-authorized Treatment of a Ward SB 2225
Department of Veterans' Affairs Access to Death Records Relating to Suicide HB 1326
Fitness of Defendant to Proceed in Criminal Proceedings SB 2046
Gambling Disorder Prevention, Awareness, Crisis Intervention, Rehabilitation SB 2077
Income Tax Credit for Employment of Individuals With Severe Mental Illness HB 1244
Jail and Regional Correctional Center Definitions and Alternatives to Physical Custody HB 1264
Judicial District Mental Health Diversion Pilot Program HB 1138
Medicaid Plan Amendment or Waiver of Reimbursement for Services Provided in Institutions for Mental Diseases HB 1261
Mental Health and Well-being Advisory Committee SB 2322
Mental Health Awareness Services HB 1468
Foster Homes for Children and Treatment Centers for Trafficked Youth SB 2341
Mental Injury for the Crime of Child Abuse HB 1492
Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility for Children HB 1043
Object of the State Hospital SB 2272
Operation of State Hospital and Regional Human Service Centers SB 2083
Pregnancy Counseling Services HB 1509
Proposed Studies
Inpatient Mental Health Care for Children HCR 3017
Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact SB 2205
Statute of Limitations for Prosecuting Sex Crimes Who Develop a Disabling Mental Condition HB 1145
Suicide Fatality Review Commission HB 1390
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