Major Topic Index - Motor Vehicles

Category Bill
Abandoned Motor Vehicles SB 2118
Authority of a Motor Vehicle Dealer to Sell Recreational Vehicles and Trailers SB 2193
Bicycle and Animal Ridden Being Deemed a Vehicle - Exception HB 1506
Carrying a Loaded Firearm, a Handgun, or a Concealed Firearm HB 1339
Confidentiality of Defendant's Contact Information SB 2216
Damage to Property SB 2285
Highway Patrol and Motor Vehicle Crash Terminology SB 2053
Review of Crashes Involving State-owned or State-leased Motor Vehicles HB 1055
Delivery Network Company Insurance HB 1440
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Condominiums HB 1310
Electronic Documentation
Certificate of Title Allowed in Electronic Format SB 2111
Proof of Registration HB 1080
License Plates
One Number Plate for Motor Vehicles HB 1295
Parking Privileges and License Plates for Mobility-impaired Individuals HB 1169
Motor Boat Exemption From License Numbering Requirements SB 2382
Motorboat Identification Numbers and Boating Regulations SB 2382
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax SB 2141
Notice to Owner and Law Enforcement of Abandoned Vehicles SB 2300
Operators License
Individuals Who Are Exempt From Having an Operator's License HB 1208
Receipt of Operator's License if Lawfully Present HB 1493
Suspension of an Operator's License for Nonpayment of Child Support SB 2219
Overweight Vehicles SB 2120
Park and Recreation Permit Fees SB 2108
Proposed Studies
Federal Highway Administration's National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program SB 2063
Responsibility for Fleeing a Peace Officer SB 2348
Riding a Bicycle Under the Influence HB 1506
Scrap Metal Dealers (1) SB 2299
Snowmobile Registration Exemption HB 1346
Special License Plates for Volunteer Search and Rescue Personnel HB 1336
Special Permits for Vehicles of Excessive Size HB 1181
Traffic Violations
Addition of Penalty to Traffic Signs SB 2350
Entries Against a Driving Record HB 1417
Fee for Failure to Adhere to the Right of Way Offenses HB 1325
Fees for Speeding Violations SB 2168
Fees for Traffic Offenses SB 2169
Safety Belt Requirements SB 2362
Speed Limit on Multilane Highways HB 1475
Stop and Yield Signs Who Has the Right of Way HB 1061
Windows Impairing Vision of a Driver HB 1061
Yield to Right of Way for Stationary Motor Vehicles HB 1141
Transportation of Aggregate Material HB 1253
Unsatisfied Judgment Fund and the Assigned Risk Plan SB 2295
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