Major Topic Index - Property Tax

Category Bill
Authorization to Levy Property Tax for Funding of Public School Primary and Secondary Education SCR 4020
Constitutional Amendment Limiting Property Tax Levies, Limiting General Obligation Bonds, and Permitting Transfer Tax on Real Property HCR 3024
Constitutional Amendment Limiting Property Tax Levies, Limiting General Obligation Bonds, and Replacing Lost Property Tax Revenue Through Increased Sales Tax HCR 3024
Homestead Tax Credit Asset Criteria HB 1211
Homestead Tax Credit Increase SB 2136
Property Used as a Primary Residence SB 2309
Qualified Parents of School-aged Children Who Attend a Nonpublic School or Home Education Program SB 2369
Buildings and Land Belonging to Institutions of Public Charity HB 1438
Carbon Dioxide Pipeline Tax SB 2383
Certain Natural Gas Pipeline Property HB 1170
Certain Property Owned and Occupied by a Blind Person SB 2244
Commercial Property for Grain Elevator and Potato Warehouse Property Used for Personal Use HB 1247
Farm Structure and Improvements SB 2279
Land Acquisition Costs Exempt From Levy Limits SB 2359
Partial Exemption for Land Enrolled in Private Land Open to Sportsman Program HB 1408
Property of Churches HB 1439
Financial Assistance for Emergency Medical Services HB 1162
Format of Property Tax Statements HB 1245
Impose a State Property Tax Levy of One Mill for Support of the State Medical Center at the University of North Dakota SCR 4019
Inclusion of Special Assessments in Estimated Tax Notice SB 2121
Information Displayed on Property Tax Statements SB 2309
Limitations on Taxing District Levies Without Voter Approval HB 1461
Limitations on the True and Full Valuation of Property SB 2309
Limitations on True and Full Valuation or Primary Residences and Agricultural Property and Limitations on the Effective Tax Rate on a Primary Residence SB 2387
Optional Residential Property Tax Freeze for Seniors SB 2177
Primary Residence Valuation Freeze for Purposes of Calculating Property Tax SB 2361
Proposed Studies
Residential and Commercial Property Tax Restructuring HB 1248
Renaissance Zones Completion of Projects HB 1266
Renaissance Zones Property Tax Incentives Related to Renaissance Zones SB 2391
Requirements for Cities Granting Property Tax Incentives HB 1495
Special Assessment Imposition for Mobile Home Park and Single Family Residential Property HB 1328
State School Aid SB 2309
State School Aid(1) SB 2346
Taxable Valuation of Agricultural, Commercial, and Centrally Assessed Property in a School District SB 2346
Tax Increases
Notice to Property Owners HB 1126
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