Major Topic Index - Property

Category Bill
Acquisition of Agricultural Land by Foreign Governments HB 1135
Amalgamation of the Underground Storage of Oil and Gas SB 2317
Athletic Sports for Male, Female, and Coed Participation and Limitations on Use of Government Property HB 1249
Baiting Big Game Animals for Hunting HB 1151
Claimant's Right to Maintain a Construction Lien for Furnishing Materials and Improvements HB 1323
Closure of a Section Line Open for Public Travel HB 1206
Compensation for Soil Conservation District Board Members SB 2246
Composition of the County Board of Appraisers and Land Appraisal Requirements HB 1448
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Land Purchase and Sale HB 1433
Dogs as a Public Nuisance HB 1364
Electric Transmission Line Construction and Route Adjustment HB 1097
Electric Transmission Lines Notification to Landowners SB 2264
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Condominiums HB 1310
Eminent Domain
Adjudicative Proceedings HB 1466
Assessment of Damages HB 1384
Assessment of Damages (1) SB 2313
Assessment of Damages (2) HB 1384
Carbon Dioxide Pipelines SB 2212
Carbon Dioxide Pipelines (1) SB 2209
Surveying Process During Procedures SB 2251
Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential Status of a Well HB 1272
Exclusion Areas and Factors to Consider When Evaluating Applications and Designation of Electric Energy Conversion Facility Sites HB 1512
Flood Control and Water Conveyance Projects and Works SB 2326
Foreign Investment in North Dakota HB 1356
Habitat Development on Private Land and Public Access Agreements HB 1260
Insurance Cash Value Exemptions SB 2206
Insurance Policies for Debris Removal HB 1373
Job Service
Sale of State Property HB 1092
Sale of State Property (2) HB 1093
Lease of Additional Space Contract Terms HB 1288
Legal Fees and Costs a Surface Owner or Mineral Developer May Be Awarded in Cases Relating to the Development of Minerals HB 1510
Licenses for Mobile Home Park and Disclosures to Tenants SB 2243
Payment for Production From Wells HB 1520
Payment for Production From Wells (1) SB 2374
Permanent Easement Restriction for Water Pipelines SB 2364
Permit Requirements for Pore Space and Amalgamation Property Interests SB 2228
Possession of a Firearm at a Public Gathering - Exception
Penalty SB 2355
Posting of Leased Grant Lands HB 1175
Post-production Royalty Oversight Program SB 2194
Prohibiting a Political Subdivision From Seizing Personal Property Without Due Process SB 2385
Prohibition of Foreign Ownership of Real Property HB 1503
Prohibition of Unfair Service Agreements HB 1188
Prohibition on Local Development by a Foreign Adversary SB 2371
Property and Casualty Policy for Property That Becomes Substandard HB 1373
Proposed Studies
Just Compensation and Increased Damages in Eminent Domain Proceedings SB 2313
Real Estate
Appraisal Management Companies HB 1106
Appraisers HB 1107
Broker or Salesperson HB 1190
Execution of Instruments Affecting Liens On, Title To, or Interest In HB 1062
Move-in and Move-out Inspections of Leased Property SB 2331
Residential Mortgage Escrow Accounts SB 2263
Recorded Declaration for a Condominium Project HB 1174
Recreational Activities on Land Owned or Leased by the State SB 2298
Regarding Conservatorships and Emergency Conservatorships SB 2222
Registration and Regulation of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors HB 1104
Requiring Institutions of Higher Education Designating Athletic Teams and Sports for Male, Female, or Coed Participation and Limitations on Use of Government Property HB 1489
Residential Leases and Evictions HB 1535
Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act HB 1360
State Entities Contracting for Property Management Services HB 1288
Statements of Full Consideration HB 1133
Homestead Tax Credit Increase SB 2136
Methodology When Determining Special Assessments HB 1330
Notification of Tax Increase HB 1126
Optional Property Tax Freeze for Seniors SB 2177
Partial Property Tax Exemption for Land Enrolled in the Private Land Open to Sportsman Program HB 1408
Primary Residence Income Tax Credit SB 2357
Primary Residence Valuation Freeze for Purposes of Calculating Property Tax SB 2361
Property Tax Exemption for Certain Property Owned and Occupied by a Blind Person SB 2244
Property Tax Exemption for Property of Churches HB 1439
Senior Citizens Property Tax Credit HB 1380
Tax Credit for Surviving Spouse of a Disabled Veteran HB 1212
Tax Lien Foreclosures HB 1267
Theft Offenses and Criminal Mischief HB 1378
Theft of Property HB 1143
Ground Water Monitoring SB 2074
Notice and Hearing Process for Cancellation of Water Rights HB 1075
Water Projects SB 2036
Wholesale Buyers and Sellers HB 1190
Wild and Scenic River Designations SB 2097
Wind Energy Facility Liens SB 2261
Completion of Existing Approved Projects and Reapplication for Renaissance Zone Designation Following Expiration HB 1266
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