Major Topic Index - Sales and Sales Contracts

Category Bill
Calculation of Interchange Fees for Electronic Payment Transactions SB 2217
Definition of Deposit Account to Include Digital Currency SB 2392
Delivery Network Company Insurance HB 1440
Encourage Purchase of United States Flags Made Out of Hemp HCR 3004
Escrow Accounts HB 1274
Marketing Practices Involving an Agreement for Automatic Renewal HB 1228
Prison Industries-made Products HB 1065
Repeal of Chapter Relating to Remote Sales of Tobacco Products HB 1357
Sale of Raw Milk Directly to a Consumer HB 1515
Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Feminine Hygiene Products HB 1282
Scrap Metal Dealers SB 2174
Scrap Metal Dealers (1) SB 2299
Tobacco Manufacturer Escrow Accounts HB 1274
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