Major Topic Index - Secretary of State

Category Bill
Annual Salary SB 2002
Appropriations SB 2002
Authorized Livestock Farm Corporation or Limited Liability Company HB 1371
Bidding Requirements Regarding Registration With Secretary of State SB 2042
Campaign Finance Disclosures of Political Parties and Candidates HB 1529
Contractor Licensing Exceptions for a Non Profit Entity That Will Give Away the Residence or Sell Below Value to a Low-income Person SB 2207
Corporation Business Filing Requirements HB 1084
Audits After the Certification SB 2339
Audits of School District Office Election Statements HB 1116
Ballot Retention Requirements HB 1320
Campaign Contribution Limitations and Disclosure Statements SB 2315
Documentary Proof of Citizenship in Elections HB 1299
Drop Boxes as Lawful Places of Deposit for Absent Voters' Ballots and Mail Ballots HB 1314
Election Equipment SB 2316
Election Offenses and Election Observers SB 2292
Electronic Voting Devices and Electronic Voting Systems HB 1317
Electronic Voting Systems, Electronic Voting Devices, Absentee Voting, Canvassing Boards HB 1192
Form of the Primary Election Ballot SB 2280
Funds Received From Central Voter File SB 2386
Initiated and Referred Measures in Plain English SB 2163
Invalid Signatures on an Initiated Ballot HB 1230
Measures to Amend the Constitution and the Manner of Placing the Measures on Ballots SB 2226
Meeting of Presidential Electors HB 1192
Placement of Applicant's Name on the Ballot and Designation of Position Sought HB 1204
Pollbooks, Voter Lists, Reports Generated Form the Central Voter File SB 2386
Proof of Citizenship HB 1431
Proof of Citizenship and Nonvoter Photo Identification Cards and Operator Licenses for Noncitizens SB 2157
Repeal Chapter Relating to Mail Ballot Elections SB 2308
Reporting of Aggregate Expenditures for Political Purposes SB 2318
Reports Timeframes HB 1192
Sufficiency of Petitions as Determined by Secretary of State HB 1324
Vote Centers, Pollbooks, and Absentee Votes HB 1405
Exception for Licensure and Renewal Fees for Nonprofit Construction Contractors SB 2207
Large Expenditure Disclosure Statements Required of Political Committees SB 2312
Notary HB 1054
Operation of Watershed Districts SB 2372
Process for Approving Constitutional Amendments SCR 4013
Prohibition on Owning Real Property by a Foreign Adversary SB 2371
Aggregate Expenditures for Political Purposes SB 2318
Expenditures Made in Support of or Opposition to Legislative Candidates HB 1441
Tax Commissioner of a List of Foreign Influencers That Have Made a Monetary Contribution HB 1452
Ultimate and True Source of Funds for Political Contributions HB 1500
Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts HB 1083
Scrap Metal Dealers SB 2174
Scrap Metal Dealers (1) SB 2299
Terms of Elected State Officers HB 1235
Transfer for New Campaign System, Contracted Website Redesign, and Information Technology Enhancements SB 2002
Workforce Safety and Insurance Report SB 2116
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