Major Topic Index - State Agencies

Category Bill
Agency Report Requirements HB 1085
Appointment of Executive Director of Department of Health and Human Services SB 2262
Audit Fees Charged by the State Auditor SB 2259
Audit Fees Charged by the State Auditor (1) HB 1508
Audits of State Agencies, Reports, Financial Audits, Petitions SB 2180
Bill Introduction Privilege for Agencies and Supreme Court HB 1285
Bill Introduction Privilege for Agencies, Legislative Management, and Supreme Court HB 1285
Competition Between the Government and Private Industry HB 1374
Cooperative Purchasing Pursuant to a Joint Powers Agreement SB 2370
Digital or Online Library Database Safety Policies SB 2360
Freedom to Exercise Religion HB 1136
Gender and Sex
Preferred Pronoun Discriminatory Practices and School Polices on Expressed Gender SB 2231
Urge Public Schools and Public Entities Distinguish Between Sexes According to Biological Sex HCR 3010
Government Liability for Provisions Contained in Packaging or Click-through Agreements SB 2109
Hours of Operation of the Office of Statistical Services HB 1220
Information and Technology Services for Tribal Governments SB 2073
Information Technology Department Standards and Services HB 1086
Judicial Deference SB 2296
Meal Reimbursement SB 2124
Illegal Aliens and Private Employment HB 1527
Sanctuary Status HB 1155
Operation of Watershed Districts SB 2372
Parental Rights
Education and Medical Treatment SB 2260
May Not Be Infringed Upon by Government SB 2188
Prohibition on Interference With Parental Rights HB 1403
Pledge of Allegiance HB 1172
Prohibition on Extreme Risk Protection Provisions HB 1401
Proposed Studies
Vaccines and Medical Liability of a Governmental Entity HB 1406
Record Retention HB 1528
Records of a Public Entity Governing Body - Board of Higher Education SB 2343
Review of State Data HB 1528
State Contracts
Lease of Additional Space Contract Terms HB 1288
Priority to Contract With Companies Supporting Energy and Agriculture HB 1345
Prohibition on a State Entity From Employing an Individual Under Contract With a School District HB 1201
Purchasing Contracts Must Include Clause in Support of Agriculture and Energy Industries HB 1345
Reciprocal Preference Requirements in Procurement SB 2042
Resolution of Identical Bids or Proposals and Vendor Requirements SB 2042
State Contracts With Certain Companies That Boycott Energy, Mining, and Production Agriculture HB 1429
State Entities Contracting for Property Management Services HB 1288
State Poet Laureate SB 2338
Veterans Preference
Definition of Veteran and Required Documentation When Claiming Veterans Preference HB 1222
Refusing Veterans' Preference HB 1250
Written Opinions to a Members of the Legislative Assembly HB 1444
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