Major Topic Index - State Government

Category Bill
Agency Adjudications and Judicial Deference in Administrative Hearings SB 2296
Appointment of Executive Director of Department of Health and Human Services SB 2262
Family Medical Leave SB 2198
Repealing the Employee Benefits Programs Committee HB 1539
Business Incentives, Agreements, Reports Administered by Department of Commerce HB 1215
Competition Between the Government and Private Industry HB 1374
Lease of Additional Space Contract Terms HB 1288
Prohibition on a State Entity From Employing an Individual Under Contract With a School District HB 1201
Prohibition on Investments and Contracts With Companies That Boycott Israel HB 1368
State Contracts With Certain Companies That Boycott Energy, Mining, and Production Agriculture HB 1429
State Entities Contracting for Property Management Services HB 1288
Curling Official State Sport SB 2229
Eminent Domain Assessment of Damages HB 1384
Exempt Records During Executive Session SB 2232
False Allegations of Sexual Harassment or Discrimination HB 1256
Freedom to Exercise Religion HB 1136
Fundamental Parental Rights in Education and Medical Treatment SB 2260
Illegal Aliens and Private Employment HB 1527
Investment and Management of Public Funds Based on Non-pecuniary Factors HB 1469
Juneteenth and Native American Heritage Day SB 2235
Legislator Education Training Accounts HB 1395
Liability for Provisions Contained Within Packaging or Click-through Agreements SB 2109
Open Meeting Notice SB 2232
Possession of a Firearm or Dangerous Weapon at the State Capitol HB 1341
Preferred Pronoun Discriminatory Practices and School Polices on Expressed Gender SB 2231
Printing Requirements and In-plant Print Shops HB 1056
Prohibition of Foreign Ownership of Real Property HB 1503
Recreational Activities on Land Owned or Leased by the State SB 2298
Sanctuary Status of a Noncitizen HB 1155
State Poet Laureate SB 2338
State Reimbursement for the Cost of Claims SB 2310
State Share of Oil and Gas Taxes SB 2275
Statute of Limitations on Civil Actions Alleging Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Gross Sexual Imposition, or Childhood Sexual Abuse SB 2282
Terms of Elected State Officers HB 1235
Definition of Veteran and Required Documentation When Claiming Veterans Preference HB 1222
Military Defined Terms HB 1109
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