Major Topic Index - State Treasurer

Category Bill
988 Crisis Stabilization Fund SB 2149
Abandoned Oil and Gas Well Plugging and Site Reclamation Fund SB 2059
Agency Appropriation SB 2005
Agriculture Infrastructure Fund HB 1148
Agriculture Infrastructure Fund(1) HB 1379
Annual Salary SB 2005
Bulk Propane Storage Tank Revolving Loan Fund SB 2242
Charitable Gaming Operating Fund HB 1114
Clean Natural Gas Capture and Emissions Reduction Fund SB 2089
County Aid Distribution Fund HB 1359
County and Township Bridge Fund HB 1147
County and Township Bridge Fund(1) HB 1379
County and Township Bridge Fund Grants HB 1379
County Highway Aid Fund SB 2329
Creation of the Foreign Influence Tax Fund HB 1452
Economic Diversification Research Fund HB 1379
Electric Vehicle Charging Fund SB 2063
Fertilizer Development Fund HB 1369
Flexible Transportation Fund HB 1102
Flexible Transportation Fund(1) SB 2113
Foreign Influence Tax Fund HB 1452
Legacy Earnings Fund HB 1379
Legacy Projects Fund HB 1379
Legacy Sinking and Interest Fund HB 1379
Local Revenue Loss Reimbursement Fund SB 2334
Military Honors Funeral Fund HB 1182
Oil and Gas Tax Revenue Hedging Fund HB 1399
Opioid Settlement Fund HB 1447
Paid Family Medical Leave Fund HB 1460
Pay for Success Fund HB 1480
Primary Residence Property Tax Relief Fund SB 2309
Residential Partnership in Assisting Community Expansion Fund HB 1499
State Energy Research Center Fund SB 2161
State Medical Center Fund HB 1380
Statewide Interoperable Radio Network Fund HB 1242
Vulnerable Adult Restitution Fund SB 2325
Workforce Development and Enrichment Fund HB 1379
Boycotts of Energy Companies HB 1347
Educational Reimbursement Program HB 1532
Immigration Workforce Loan Fund SB 2151
Notification of School District Failure to Pay HB 1125
Restitution Assistance Fund for Eligible Adult Victims SB 2325
Terms of Elected State Officers HB 1235
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