Major Topic Index - Student Financial Assistance

Category Bill
Back to College Grants HB 1470
Correctional Officer Includes Peace Officer for Free Tuition Program for Survivor of Peace Officer SB 2130
Grants for Free Lunch HB 1491
Grants for Meals for Students at or Below Two Hundred Percent of Federal Poverty Level HB 1491
Health Care Professional Student Loan Repayment Program SB 2127
Limitations on Tuition Rate Increases HB 1003
Prohibiting Institutions of Higher Education From Waiving Application Fees Based on Certain Characteristics of the Applicant HB 1531
Re-energize North Dakota Scholarship SB 2197
Scholarships for Registered Apprenticeship Program Participants HB 1382
Skilled Workforce Student Loan Repayment and Skilled Workforce Scholarships HB 1240
Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness SB 2033
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