Major Topic Index - Teachers

Category Bill
Curriculum and Teaching Material Regarding Critical Race Theory, Health, History, and Social and Emotional Learning HB 1526
Divisive Concepts at Institutions of Higher Education SB 2247
Educational Professional Development and Youth Behavioral Professional Development HB 1386
Gender and Sex
Prohibition on Providing Accommodations to a Transgender Student HB 1522
School Polices on Expressed Gender SB 2231
Continuing Education Credits Toward License Renewal HB 1386
Foreign Practitioners HB 1372
Lifetime Teaching License HB 1329
Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect Training Credits for Licensure Renewal HB 1144
Requirements for Reading Instruction Competency HB 1231
Revocation of License Due to Crime Against a Child HB 1122
Special Education Permit HB 1304
Teacher Permit Criteria Extended SB 2070
Parental Rights
Involvement in School, Curbing of Social Emotional Learning, Required Curriculum, and Review of Instructional Material HB 1526
School District Notifications on Parental Rights SB 2188
Pilot Program for Tenured Faculty Review at Institutions of Higher Education HB 1446
Pilot Program to Provide Stipends for Teachers Who Teach a Foreign Language SB 2354
Probationary Teachers Evaluations and Contracts SB 2284
Proposed Studies
Literacy, Dyslexia, and Related Teacher Training HB 1231
Membership in the Teachers' Fund for Retirement HB 1150
Teachers' Fund for Retirement Board Authority and Benefits HB 1219
Short-term Contract With a School District HB 1259
Supporting Professional Learning Related to the Science Behind Reading and Implementing Systematic Direct Literacy Instruction SB 2284
Virtual Area and Career and Technology Center HB 1348
Workforce Incentives
Authority of School District to Pay Signing Bonuses HB 1187
Expansion of the Teacher Support Program SB 2250
Financial Incentive to Recruit Licensed Teachers SB 2270
Paraprofessional-to-teacher Grants SB 2032
Retired Teacher Benefits in Critical Shortage Area SB 2258
Retired Teachers Returning to Employment HB 1271
Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness SB 2033
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