Administrative Code

The Legislative Council publishes the Administrative Code which is the codification of all rules of state administrative agencies, as that term is defined by North Dakota Century Code Section 28-32-01. Many state agencies are not administrative agencies as defined by Section 28-32-01. Although rules of those agencies are not required to be published in the Administrative Code, some agencies have consented to placing their rules in the code. Those agencies are identified with an explanatory note on the title page for that agency. The Administrative Code was initially published July 1, 1978. The Administrative Code is updated with quarterly changes. The Administrative Code is published in an Internet version, available here. This version is derived from the database prepared by the North Dakota Legislative Council.
The numbering system for the Administrative Code is a four-part number, with each part separated by a hyphen. The first part refers to the title, the second to the article, the third to the chapter, and the fourth to the section. Basically, each agency is listed in alphabetical order and assigned a title number, each division or major administrative area is assigned an article number, each subject area is assigned a chapter number, and each rule is assigned a section number. The decimal point system is used to designate material that has been inserted between two consecutively numbered items.
The general authority source note refers to the specific statute authorizing the agency to adopt the rule. The law implemented source note refers to the specific statute implemented by the rule. In some cases, the general authority and the law implemented will be the same. In some cases, source references may be to federal laws or regulations, or to court cases.
The table of contents to this online version of the Administrative Code is the listing of titles of the code. Titles are captioned for the agency that adopts rules in the title. Selecting the appropriate title will direct you to the articles and chapters that make up the title.

Title 1 Reserved [Reserved]
Title 2 Abstracters' Board of Examiners
Title 3 Accountancy, Board of
Title 4 Management and Budget, Office of
Title 4.5 Addiction Counseling Examiners, Board of
Title 5 Adjutant General
Title 6 Aeronautics Commission
Title 7 Agriculture Commissioner
Title 8 Architecture, Board of
Title 9 Arts, Council on the [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 10 Attorney General
Title 11 Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, Board of Examiners on
Title 12 Auditor, State [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 12.5 Bank of North Dakota
Title 13 Department of Financial Institutions
Title 14 Barber Examiners, Board of
Title 15 Beef Commission
Title 16 Economic Development Commission [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 16.5 Centennial Commission [Repealed]
Title 17 Chiropractic Examiners, Board of
Title 18 Combined Law Enforcement Council [Repealed]
Title 18.5 Credit Review Board [Repealed]
Title 18.6 North Dakota Mediation Service and Credit Review Board
Title 19 Dairy Promotion Commission [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 20 State Board of Dental Examiners
Title 20.5 Dietetic Practice, Board of
Title 21 Edible Bean Council
Title 22 Education Factfinding Commission [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 23 Educational Broadcasting Council [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 24 Electrical Board [Repealed]
Title 24.1 State Electrical Board
Title 25 State Board of Funeral Service
Title 26 Emergency Commission [Repealed]
Title 27 Job Service North Dakota
Title 28 Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for Professional
Title 29 Equalization, Board of [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 30 Game and Fish Department
Title 31 Governor
Title 32 Cosmetology, Board of
Title 33 State Department of Health
Title 33.1 Department of Environmental Quality
Title 34 Heritage Commission [Repealed]
Title 35 Higher Education, Board of [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 36 Highway Corridor Board [Repealed]
Title 37 Department of Transportation
Title 38 Highway Patrol
Title 39 Highway Patrolmen's Retirement Board [Repealed]
Title 40 Historical Board
Title 41 Indian Affairs Commission [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 42 Indian Scholarships, Board for
Title 43 Industrial Commission
Title 44 Institutions, Director of [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 45 Insurance, Commissioner of
Title 46 Labor Commissioner
Title 47 Laboratories Commission
Title 48 State Board of Animal Health [Repealed]
Title 48.1 State Board of Animal Health
Title 49 Massage Therapy, Board of
Title 50 North Dakota Board of Medicine
Title 51 Milk Marketing Board
Title 52 Motor Vehicle Department [Repealed]
Title 53 Natural Resources Council [Repealed]
Title 54 Board of Nursing
Title 55 Nursing Home Administrators, Board of Examiners for
Title 55.5 Occupational Therapy Practice, Board of
Title 56 Optometry, Board of
Title 57 Pardons, Board of [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 58 Parks and Recreation Department [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 59 Parole Board [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 59.5 State Personnel Board
Title 60 Pesticide Control Board
Title 61 State Board of Pharmacy
Title 61.5 North Dakota Board of Physical Therapy
Title 62 Plumbing, Board of
Title 63 Board of Podiatric Medicine
Title 64 Postsecondary Education Commission [Repealed]
Title 65 Potato Council
Title 65.5 Committee on Protection and Advocacy
Title 66 Psychologist Examiners, Board of
Title 67 Public Instruction, Superintendent of
Title 67.1 Education Standards and Practices Board
Title 68 Public School Education, Board of
Title 69 Public Service Commission
Title 69.5 Racing Commission, North Dakota
Title 70 Real Estate Commission
Title 70.5 Real Estate Trust Account Committee [Repealed]
Title 71 Retirement Board
Title 72 Secretary of State
Title 73 Securities Commissioner
Title 74 Seed Commission
Title 75 Department of Human Services
Title 75.5 Social Work Examiners, Board of
Title 76 Professional Soil Classifiers, Board of Registration for
Title 77 Soil Conservation Committee
Title 78 State Fair Association [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 79 Oilseed Council
Title 80 Tax Appeals Board [Unconstitutional]
Title 81 Tax Commissioner
Title 82 Board of Trustees of the Teachers' Fund for Retirement
Title 83 Trade Commission [Defunct]
Title 84 Treasurer, State
Title 85 University and School Lands, Board of
Title 86 Veterans' Affairs, Administrative Committee on [Not an Administrative Agency]
Title 87 Veterinary Medical Examiners, Board of
Title 88 Watchmaking, Board of Examiners in [Repealed]
Title 89 Water Commission
Title 90 State Board of Water Well Contractors
Title 91 Wheat Commission
Title 92 Workforce Safety and Insurance
Title 93 Private Investigative and Security Board
Title 94 Corrections and Rehabilitation, Department of
Title 95 Agricultural Products Utilization Commission
Title 96 Board of Clinical Laboratory Practice
Title 97 Board of Counselor Examiners
Title 98 Office of Administrative Hearings
Title 99 State Gaming Commission
Title 100 State Seed Arbitration Board
Title 101 Real Estate Appraiser Qualifications and Ethics Board
Title 102 State Investment Board
Title 103 State Retirement and Investment Office
Title 104 North Dakota Board of Hearing Instrument Dispensers
Title 105 Respiratory Care, North Dakota State Board of
Title 106 Board of Athletic Trainers
Title 107 Crop Protection Product Harmonization and Registration Board
Title 108 Department of Commerce
Title 109 Peace Officer Standards and Training Board
Title 110 Criminal Justice Information Sharing Board [Repealed]
Title 111 Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure Board
Title 112 Integrative Health Care
Title 113 North Dakota Health Information Network
Title 114 Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board
Title 115 North Dakota Ethics Commission