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Legislative Day 64 April 09, 1997

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1001 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1001 Governor signed HJ1505
HB 1003 Placed on calendar HJ1445
HB 1003 Committee report HJ1474
HB 1003 Passed HJ1474
HB 1004 Placed on calendar HJ1449
HB 1004 Committee report HJ1474
HB 1004 Passed HJ1474
HB 1006 Speaker signed HJ1479
HB 1007 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1007 Governor signed HJ1505
HB 1008 Speaker signed HJ1479
HB 1014 Committee report HJ1473 HJ1475
HB 1014 Conference committee HJ1475 HJ1480
HB 1017 Speaker signed HJ1479
HB 1021 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1026 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1028 Governor signed HJ1505
HB 1034 Speaker signed HJ1479
HB 1035 Placed on calendar HJ1451
HB 1035 Committee report HJ1475
HB 1035 Passed HJ1475
HB 1085 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1085 Governor signed HJ1505
HB 1112 Speaker signed HJ1479
HB 1116 Speaker signed HJ1479
HB 1167 Speaker signed HJ1479
HB 1168 Placed on calendar HJ1452
HB 1168 Committee report HJ1476
HB 1168 Passed HJ1476
HB 1168 Emergency clause carried HJ1476
HB 1191 Veto sustained HJ1441
HB 1238 Governor signed HJ1505
HB 1297 Placed on calendar HJ1473 HJ1479
HB 1297 Committee report HJ1476
HB 1297 Conference committee HJ1476
HB 1306 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1306 Governor signed HJ1505
HB 1312 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1312 Governor signed HJ1505
HB 1337 Speaker signed HJ1479
HB 1357 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1448 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1448 Governor signed HJ1448
HB 1453 Speaker signed HJ1479
HB 1456 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1456 Governor signed HJ1505
HB 1478 Delivered to Governor HJ1453
HB 1478 Governor signed HJ1505
HB 1482 Speaker signed HJ1479
SB 2004 Placed on calendar HJ1453
SB 2004 Committee report HJ1480
SB 2004 Passed HJ1480
SB 2012 Committee report HJ1442
SB 2012 Passed HJ1442
SB 2014 Committee report HJ1442
SB 2014 Passed HJ1442
SB 2015 Committee report HJ1443
SB 2015 Passed HJ1444
SB 2015 Emergency clause carried HJ1444
SB 2018 Placed on calendar HJ1477
SB 2018 Committee report HJ1480
SB 2018 Passed HJ1481
SB 2030 Committee report HJ1440
SB 2030 Passed HJ1440
SB 2047 Placed on calendar HJ1440
SB 2047 Committee report HJ1481
SB 2047 Passed HJ1481
SB 2064 Placed on calendar HJ1456
SB 2064 Committee report HJ1481
SB 2064 Passed HJ1482
SB 2064 Emergency clause carried HJ1482
SB 2132 Committee report HJ1444
SB 2132 Passed HJ1445
SB 2153 Committee report HJ1445
SB 2153 Passed HJ1445
SB 2194 Committee report HJ1482
SB 2194 Passed HJ1482
SB 2301 Committee report HJ1482
SB 2301 Passed HJ1482
SB 2353 Placed on calendar HJ1478
SCR 4062 Speaker signed HJ1479
SCR 4063 Speaker signed HJ1479