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SJ Senate Journal

Legislative Day 37 February 28, 1997

Senate Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1005 Laid over SJ623
HB 1024 Committee hearing SJ566
HB 1041 Request return from committee SJ627
HB 1041 Rereferred SJ627
HB 1056 Committee hearing SJ128
HB 1056 Committee report SJ628
HB 1057 Committee hearing SJ128
HB 1073 Committee hearing SJ187
HB 1082 Committee report SJ628
HB 1083 Committee hearing SJ187
HB 1084 Committee hearing SJ187
HB 1094 Committee report SJ628
HB 1095 Committee hearing SJ199
HB 1102 Passed SJ623
HB 1103 Committee hearing SJ291
HB 1110 Committee hearing SJ320
HB 1117 Committee report SJ628
HB 1117 Rereferred SJ628
HB 1118 Committee report SJ628
HB 1133 Committee report SJ628
HB 1143 Committee hearing SJ199
HB 1144 Passed SJ623
HB 1176 Committee hearing SJ434
HB 1179 Committee hearing SJ320
HB 1186 Committee hearing SJ188
HB 1195 Committee report SJ628
HB 1206 Committee hearing SJ237
HB 1235 Committee hearing SJ320
HB 1247 Passed SJ624
HB 1250 Passed SJ624
HB 1254 Committee report SJ628
HB 1272 Passed SJ624
HB 1281 Committee report SJ628
HB 1282 Passed SJ625
HB 1282 Emergency clause carried SJ625
HB 1284 Passed SJ625
HB 1288 Committee report SJ628
HB 1309 Committee report SJ629
HB 1328 Passed SJ625
HB 1366 Passed SJ626
HB 1390 Committee report SJ629
HB 1410 Request return from committee SJ627
HB 1410 Rereferred SJ627
HB 1420 Committee hearing SJ572
HB 1420 Committee report SJ629
HB 1421 Committee report SJ629
HB 1435 Committee hearing SJ572
HB 1442 Committee hearing SJ573
HB 1451 Committee hearing SJ573
HB 1451 Committee report SJ629
SB 2044 President signed SJ623
SB 2055 Returned to Senate SJ631
SB 2059 Returned to Senate SJ631
SB 2077 President signed SJ623
SB 2085 President signed SJ623
SB 2162 President signed SJ623
SB 2205 President signed SJ623
SB 2334 President signed SJ623
HCR 3002 Committee report SJ629
HCR 3014 Second reading SJ626
HCR 3014 Passed SJ627
HCR 3042 Received from House SJ631
SCR 4001 Returned to Senate SJ631
SCR 4026 Committee report SJ627
SCR 4042 Committee report SJ627
SCR 4043 Committee report SJ627
SCR 4044 Committee report SJ627
SCR 4045 Second reading SJ626
SCR 4045 Passed SJ627
SCR 4048 Second reading SJ626
SCR 4048 Passed SJ627
SCR 4049 Second reading SJ626
SCR 4049 Passed SJ627
SCR 4050 Committee report SJ627
SCR 4052 Committee report SJ628
SCR 4053 Second reading SJ626
SCR 4053 Passed SJ627
SCR 4054 Second reading SJ626
SCR 4054 Passed SJ627
SCR 4055 Second reading SJ626
SCR 4055 Passed SJ627