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A BILL for an Act to create and enact two new sections to chapter 16.1-01 and a new section to chapter 16.1-06 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to the secretary of state establishing an election fund and adopting rules to establish a state-based voting grievance procedure and to certify and decertify electronic voting systems; to amend and reenact sections 16.1-01-01, 16.1-01-07, 16.1-05-04, 16.1-06-03, 16.1-06-04, 16.1-06-05, 16.1-06-08, 16.1-06-10.1, 16.1-06-11, 16.1-06-12, 16.1-06-14, 16.1-06-15, 16.1-06-17, 16.1-07-13, 16.1-13-22, 16.1-13-24, 16.1-13-25, 16.1-13-26, 16.1-13-29, 16.1-13-32, 16.1-13-33, 16.1-15-01, 16.1-15-09, 16.1-15-10, subsection 5 of section 16.1-16-01, and sections 16.1-16-07 and 40-21-09 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to the duties of the secretary of state concerning administration of elections authorizing direct-recording electronic voting systems and prohibiting voting machines, electronic voting systems, and counting machines employing punch cards; and to repeal sections 16.1-06-10, 16.1-06-13, 16.1-06-24, and 16.1-15-11 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to voting machines, requirements for voting machines, violations for tampering with voting machines, preparation of punch card ballots, and locking and securing voting machines.

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