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Legislative Day 59 April 02, 2003

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1047 Returned to House HJ1188
HB 1050 Not concurred HJ1181
HB 1050 Conference committee HJ1181
HB 1051 Committee report HJ1191
HB 1079 Conference committee HJ1181
HB 1158 Conference committee HJ1182
HB 1243 Delivered to Governor HJ1191
HB 1245 Not concurred HJ1181
HB 1245 Conference committee HJ1181
HB 1255 Conference committee HJ1182
HB 1264 Returned to House HJ1188
HB 1291 Not concurred HJ1182
HB 1291 Conference committee HJ1182
HB 1372 Not concurred HJ1182
HB 1372 Conference committee HJ1182
HB 1414 Committee report HJ1191
HB 1438 Committee report HJ1191
HB 1469 Not concurred HJ1182
HB 1469 Conference committee HJ1182
HB 1478 Returned to House HJ1188
HB 1486 Not concurred HJ1182
HB 1486 Conference committee HJ1182
HB 1504 Amendment adopted HJ1181
HB 1504 Passed HJ1185
SB 2030 Amendment adopted HJ1181
SB 2030 Passed HJ1185
SB 2103 Committee report HJ1192
SB 2135 Amendment adopted HJ1181
SB 2135 Passed HJ1185
SB 2149 Conference committee HJ1182
SB 2182 Failed HJ1183
SB 2249 Amendment adopted HJ1181
SB 2249 Passed HJ1186
SB 2249 Emergency clause carried HJ1186
SB 2311 Committee report HJ1192
SB 2322 Passed HJ1182
SB 2358 Passed HJ1184
SB 2363 Passed HJ1183
SB 2384 Conference committee HJ1182
SB 2403 Committee report HJ1187
SB 2403 Passed HJ1187
SB 2410 Passed HJ1184
HCR 3078 Passed HJ1188
HCR 3079 Passed HJ1188
SCR 4040 Received from Senate HJ1188