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Introduced by Rep. Headland, Rep. Grande, Rep. Heller, Sen. Christmann, Sen. Wanzek, Sen. Wardner


A concurrent resolution urging Congress to adopt legislation prohibiting the Environmental Protection Agency by any means necessary from regulating greenhouse emissions, including, if necessary, defunding Environmental Protection Agency greenhouse gas regulatory activities; imposing a moratorium on adoption on any new air quality regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency by any means necessary, except those directly addressing an imminent health or environmental emergency, for a period of at least two years, including defunding Environmental Protection Agency air quality regulatory activities; and requiring the administration to undertake a study identifying all regulatory activity the Environmental Protection Agency intends to undertake in furtherance of its goal of "taking action on climate change and improving air quality" and specifying the cumulative effect of all these regulations on the economy, jobs, and American economic competitiveness.

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Filed with Secretary Of State 03/28

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