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Legislative Day 52 March 27, 2023

Senate Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1046 President signed SJ1152
HB 1052 Passed SJ1150
HB 1121 Amendment adopted SJ1148
HB 1121 Failed SJ1148
HB 1121 Amended on floor SJ1148
HB 1128 Amendment adopted SJ1147
HB 1133 Failed SJ1149
HB 1136 Passed SJ1149
HB 1141 Amendment adopted SJ1147
HB 1149 President signed SJ1152
HB 1183 Committee report SJ1152
HB 1195 President signed SJ1152
HB 1200 Rereferred SJ1147
HB 1228 Passed SJ1149
HB 1235 Committee report SJ1155
HB 1241 President signed SJ1152
HB 1257 Committee report SJ1156
HB 1262 President signed SJ1152
HB 1264 President signed SJ1152
HB 1276 Committee report SJ1156
HB 1288 Committee report SJ1157
HB 1310 Amendment adopted SJ1147
HB 1313 Amendment adopted SJ1148
HB 1323 President signed SJ1152
HB 1324 Committee report SJ1158
HB 1359 President signed SJ1152
HB 1381 President signed SJ1152
HB 1415 Amendment adopted SJ1148
HB 1415 Passed SJ1445
HB 1423 Committee report SJ1158
HB 1431 Amendment adopted SJ1147
HB 1437 Committee report SJ1158
HB 1441 Committee report SJ1158
HB 1491 Failed SJ1150
HB 1494 Passed SJ1150
HB 1501 Committee report SJ1159
HB 1506 Amendment adopted SJ1147
HB 1517 Committee report SJ1161
HB 1519 Rereferred SJ1147
HB 1529 Amendment adopted SJ1148
SB 2201 Returned to Senate SJ1151
SB 2286 Returned to Senate SJ1151
SCR 4009 Filed with Secretary of State SJ1152
SCR 4009 President signed SJ1152
SCR 4011 President signed SJ1152
SCR 4011 Filed with Secretary of State SJ1152