Major Topic Index - Agriculture

Category Bill
Advisory Committee on Sustainable Agriculture SB 2027
Anhydrous Ammonia Facility Applications HB 1302
Agriculture Diversification and Development Fund HB 1276
Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (1) HB 1379
Audit Fees Charged by the State Auditor SB 2259
Beef Commission HB 1436
Certain Agricultural Laborers Exempt From Having an Operator's License to Operate a Motor Vehicle HB 1208
Climate Control HB 1108
Commodity Groups
Audit of Financial Statements SB 2259
Corn Council Contract Services HB 1153
Exemption From State Audit if Subject to Federal Audit HB 1501
North Dakota Soybean Council HB 1501
Compensation for Soil Conservation District Board Members SB 2246
Corporate Farming HB 1371
Crop Protection Product Harmonization and Registration SB 2324
Encourage Purchase of United States Flags Made Out of Hemp HCR 3004
Establishment of Livestock Friendly County Designation SB 2373
Exemption for Insurance Regulations for Nonprofit Agricultural Membership Organizations SB 2349
Federal Meat Inspection Regulations HB 1100
Fertilizer Development Fund HB 1369
Forage Inspector Contracting HB 1099
Foreign Actors
Governmental Acquisition of Agricultural Land HB 1135
Investment in North Dakota HB 1356
Ownership of Agricultural Property HB 1503
Grain and Seed Warehouses, Grain Buyers, Insolvent Grain Warehousemen, Contracts Indemnity HB 1393
Industry Prioritization
Contracts With Companies Supporting Energy and Agriculture HB 1345
State Contracts With Companies That Boycott Energy, Mining, Agriculture HB 1429
State Purchasing Contracts Must Include Clause in Support of Agriculture and Energy Industries HB 1345
Meat Processing Licensure and Regulation SB 2100
Milk Definition HB 1255
Model Zoning Ordinance for Animal Feeding Operations HB 1423
Placement or Location of a Beehive SB 2134
Proposed Studies
Native Pollinating Insects HB 1258
Structure, Function, Operation, Infrastructure, and Needs of Soil Conservation Districts SB 2353
Regulation of Hemp Production SB 2096
Advisory Committee on Sustainable Agriculture SB 2027
Chapters Relating to Grain and Seed Warehouses, Grain Buyers, Insolvent Grain Warehousemen, Uniform Accounting for Public Elevators and Warehouses, and Credit Sale Contracts Indemnity HB 1393
Requirements for Certification Under the Plant Variety Protection Act SB 2062
Sale of Raw Milk Directly to a Consumer HB 1515
Soil Conservation Needs Assessment SB 2353
Statements of Full Consideration for Agricultural Land HB 1133
Alcohol Tax Credit for Brewers for Barley Purchases HB 1504
Limitations on Valuation of Agricultural Property and Primary Residence Tax Rate SB 2387
Property Tax Exemption for Farm Structure and Improvements SB 2279
Sales Tax Exemption for Grain Bins HB 1370
Sales Tax Exemption for Materials Used by Feedstock Refinery Making Renewable Aviation Fuel SB 2006
Sales Tax Exemption for Renewable Feedstock Refinery HB 1430
Tax Credits for Beer Produced With Barley Purchased in This State HB 1504
Wild and Scenic River Designation SB 2097
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