Major Topic Index - Attorney General

Category Bill
Administrative Services Provided to Occupational and Professional Boards SB 2337
Annual Salary SB 2003
Agency Appropriation SB 2003
Back the Blue Grant Program HB 1307
Charitable Gaming HB 1114
Charitable Gaming Technology System SB 2281
Domestic Violence Forensic Medical Examination Grant Program SB 2202
Law Enforcement Resiliency Grant Program SB 2213
Law Enforcement Staffing Grant Program HB 1415
Peace Officer Appreciation Grant Program HB 1184
Prosecution Witness Fees(1) SB 2025
Retired Law Enforcement Dogs HB 1388
State Crime Laboratory SB 2131
State Crime Laboratory Administration SB 2131
Attorney General's Review of Proposed Administrative Rules HB 1344
Continuing Appropriation
Merchant Code Violation Fund HB 1487
Criminal History Record Checks
Applicants for a Radioactive Materials License or Solid Waste Permit SB 2076
Applicants for Job at a Medical Marijuana Compassion Center SB 2102
Certified Foster Homes and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities for Children SB 2051
Designated Caregivers - Exemptions HB 1478
Volunteers and Students for Field Placement at Child Placing Agencies SB 2051
Educational Reimbursement Program HB 1532
Charitable Gaming Technology Fund SB 2281
Confidential Lottery Sales Data HB 1115
Electronic Pull Tab Device Requirements HB 1524
Electronic Pull Tab Payout Limitations and the Use of Charitable Gaming Gross Proceeds SB 2390
Electronic Pull Tab Payout Limitations and Use of Gaming Gross Proceeds SB 2390
Eligible Uses for Charitable Gaming Net Proceeds SB 2186
Eligible Uses of Net Proceeds SB 2336
Gaming Licenses for Alcoholic Beverage Establishments SB 2304
Gaming Site Authorization for Locations That Dispense Alcohol HB 1484
Gaming Site Number Limits, Electronic Pull Tab Device Limits, Manufacturing and Distributing License Fees HB 1497
Imposition of Fines for Gaming Violations SB 2271
Local Permits to Conduct Charitable Gaming SB 2154
Manufacturer of an Electronic Device, Electronic Fifty-fifty Raffle Tickets, and Monthly Rent for Electronic Pull Tab Devices SB 2245
Racing Commission, Account Deposit Wagering, Bet Payoff Formulas HB 1331
Raffle Board Squares SB 2126
Rent Limits for Electronic Pull Tabs HB 1387
Rules on Electronic Pull Tab Games and Deals at the End of a Quarter HB 1342
Sports Betting Task Force SB 2358
Treatment of Cash Shorts Incurred in Gaming HB 1445
Veteran Service Organization Gaming Taxes HB 1426
Law Enforcement
Canine Team Certification HB 1428
Retired Dogs HB 1388
Retirement Benefits for Bureau of Criminal Investigation Peace Officers HB 1309
Requirements and the Sale of Electronic Smoking Devices HB 1412
Scrap Metal Dealers SB 2299
Medical Screening and Acute Forensic Medical Examination SB 2067
Model Zoning Ordinances for Animal Feeding Operations HB 1423
Operation of the State Fire Marshal SB 2211
Government Liability for Provisions Contained in Packaging or Click-through Agreements SB 2109
Issuance of Opinions Requested by Individual Members of the Legislative Assembly SB 2208
Open Meetings and Open Records Opinions SB 2232
Written Opinions to a Members of the Legislative Assembly HB 1444
Opioid Settlement Fund HB 1447
Opioid Settlement Fund (1) SB 2003
Possession of a Firearm or Dangerous Weapon at a Public Gathering HB 1194
Proposed Studies
Charitable Gaming Industry HB 1497
Back the Blue Grant Program SB 2003
Fentanyl SB 2248
Forensic Nurse Examiners Grant Program SB 2003
Law Enforcement Resiliency Grant Program Funds SB 2003
Review of State Data HB 1528
Status and Results of Human Trafficking Victims Grant Program SB 2003
Use and Effectiveness of Back the Blue Grants HB 1307
Rights of a Sexual Assault Survivor HB 1518
Terms of Elected State Officers HB 1235
Tobacco Manufacturer Escrow Accounts and Directory HB 1274
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