Major Topic Index - Continuing Appropriations

Category Bill
Agriculture Commissioner
Agriculture Infrastructure Fund HB 1379
Brucellosis Tag, Identification Tag, Health Book Fees HB 1101
Attorney General
Charitable Gaming HB 1114
Charitable Gaming Technology Fund SB 2281
Merchant Code Violation Fund HB 1487
Bank of North Dakota
Primary Residence Revolving Loan Fund HB 1499
Small Business Revolving Loan Fund HB 1420
Department of Environmental Quality
Environmental Quality Restoration Fund HB 1024
Department of Health and Human Services
988 Crisis Stabilization Fund SB 2149
Pay for Success Fund HB 1480
Department of Transportation
Electric Vehicle Charging Fund SB 2063
Federal Transportation Related Grants HB 1102
Hidden Wounds Veterans Overpass HB 1354
North Dakota's Shortest Highway SB 2146
Pfc Ronald C Goodiron Vietnam Bridge HB 1355
Po3 Patrick G. Glennon Vietnam Bridge HB 1352
Pvt. Albert Grass Wwi Bridge HB 1351
Veterans' Memorial Bridge HB 1117
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Military Honors Funeral Fund HB 1182
Industrial Commission
Clean Natural Gas Capture and Emissions Reduction Fund SB 2089
Fertilizer Development Fund HB 1369
State Energy Research Center SB 2161
Insurance Commissioner
Operations of the State Fire Marshal SB 2211
Office of Management and Budget
Oil and Gas Tax Revenue Hedging Fund HB 1399
State Treasurer
Credit-sale Contract Indemnity Fund HB 1393
Tax Commissioner
Local Revenue Loss Reimbursement Fund SB 2334
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